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    My son is academically qualified, medically qualified and has received a principal nomination from his MOC on 12/28/09. He took the CFA for the first time on 12/16/09 and received notification that he did not pass. He has continued to train 5 days/week and has now improved his scores to:

    date 01/10 - (unofficial not submitted to USNA)

    BBall Throw 63'
    pull ups 6
    shuttle run 8.8 sec.
    crunches 73
    pushups 50
    1 mile run 7:46

    His initial test was right at the end of football season and was taken without much specific preparation. He has now shown improvement in most areas, and the question is should he continue to train and to show additional improvement or go ahead and submit results close to the latest numbers? We have tried to find minimums for the CFA but we have only seen the class average scores. His BG officer looked as well but could not find this information.

    The deadline for submission of the final CFA results is March 1, but he does not want to wait until the end of the process to get his final qualification needed.

    If I understand correctly, since he received a principal nom. and is "2Q'd" now, he just needs to pass the CFA and he is assured of an appointment? So he is not improving the CFA to compete, just to pass.

    Thanks for any insight.
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    from FAQs above:

    Average scores for males are: 6:40 run; 80 crunches; 58 pushups; 11 pullups; 67 Bball throw; 8.9 shuttle run.

    Somebody said they look closer at the first three.

    NROTC Minimums (for what it is worth):
    1,5 mile run - 11:00; 62 crunches; 51 push-ups.
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    I've sent you a PM.

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