When to start applying for nomination?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by 2016Canidate, Feb 6, 2011.

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    I am currently a junior, seeking a nomination for the class of 2016 at Annapolis and West Point. I applied to and was accepted at USMA SLS, and in the letter it included stuff that I still need to do to receive an appointment to USMA. The first item on the list was "If you haven't yet sought a nomination, do so immediately." In other threads, it said to wait until you are a senior to apply for a nomination. Help?
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    Check the website for each of your senators and your congressional representative; you will find information specific to each member of congress there. Most don't start accepting applications until Spring of your junior year; in the meantime work on putting together your resume (some congressmen even provide an good example of an impressive resume). Best of luck to you!
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    I wouldn't worry about the nom yet. Most do not close out their requests until October, and it is not a rolling nom, in other words we give out as they come in. They wait until that drop dead date and evaluate everyone at the exact same time. Applying in May is not going to give you an edge over the candidate that applied in Sept., actually it could hurt.

    Here's a few reasons why:
    1. Sending in the spring does not allow you to submit the most up to date resume.
    2. You risk it getting lost or placed into the wrong file...i.e. they may think that you are asking for the class that they just apptd.
    3. They are busy charging their cadets for this yr., and yet to know if they even have a spot to charge...they can only have 5 at one time.
    4. They may change their reqs for next yr regarding materials needed to be submitted. Being ahead of the game may mean you didn't know about this, and now the file is incomplete, thus, no nom.

    It is good to be proactive, just right now do well at SLS, at school and have the most competitive resume (missing sports, take one up, no APs register for some, low SAT. take the ACT) that will do more for you than getting in the nom paperwork 4-5 months before they close their date.

    Good luck!

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