When you think it's all over and you're depressed

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    Hi all!

    I wanted to pass this along. It's a "short story" about one of my most favorite people: Captain Chad Harmon, USMA '03.

    I met Chad when he expressed an interest in attending the USAFA during his freshman year of HS. He was the "all America kid next door" with EVERYTHING you could want. In a uniform he's a male model, poster child of the fit, good looking nordic type...and just a heckuva guy. State champion baseball pitcher, etc...etc...etc...he had everything going for him and impressed all who met him.

    You all are very much like him in your goals and aspirations, so you know what I mean.

    Chad was nominated to USAFA his senior year and all looked great...EXCEPT his SAT/ACT scores. They were good...as an ALO (admission liaison officer for USAFA) I know "about what it'll take" but not always precisely. And Chad was CLOSE...oh so close...

    But he didn't get accepted. He did however receive a 4-year ROTC full-scholarship. Which he took to Embry Riddle in Florida. I assumed that was the last I'd hear of Chad. You have to understand...he comes from a small (really small) mining town in the mountains of Arizona...male model type...put him in So Florida...I figured the "beach scene" would kill him. :shake:

    So when he called and said: "So sir, what do I do to get to USAFA now?" I was amazed. To shorten the story...his congressman remembered him well, and said he wouldn't have to fly back to AZ from FL for the nomination interview...he'd nominate him automatically! And he did!!!

    To West Point!!!!
    (pause here to imagine a young man of 19 crying like a 2 year old when his lollipop is taken away).

    His words to me were akin to: "What do I do now...it's over...my whole goal, plans, etc...all over."

    I asked Chad: "What is it you REALLY want to do? Forget the academy...what is it that YOU REALLY want to do?"

    His answer, which I remember to this day: "Sir...I want to be an officer of the armed forces of the United States and to serve my country."

    Yes, really; those were his words at age 19.

    My only answer was: "And West Point's a bad place for this because???"

    Chad graduated with high honors from West Point in 2003 and went to helo school at Ft Rucker, choosing to fly Blackhawks because he liked the idea of special operations and rescue.

    He has recently converted to the RC-12N (fixed wing recce) and is excelling in the US Army aviation world.

    Folks...if you get the word that it's "...not this year..." do NOT be discouraged from your ultimate goal! I use Chad as an example a LOT...

    And now you know why!

    If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it!!!

    Steve Wood, Lt Col, USAFR
    Deputy Liaison Officer Director for Arizona
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    West Point Admissions Cut Off Is 23

    If you persevere and if you truly wish to attend West Point, you will attend.

    Unlike other colleges, over 25% of the freshman year are over a year past high school graduations, if not 2 years prior service or 2 years of college.

    This is remarkeable as West Point does not allow transference of credit from other colleges and universities - it is a start frm scratch.

    So, if you are truly upset that you did not gain entry directly out of high school perhaps you should consider your true motivation and goals - for West Point has not shut any doors to you for another 4 years.

    Not getting accepted in West Point right from senior year should not be a demoralizing event. How bad do you wish to go?

    Also, in the end the objective is to be an officer in the US Army and there are many avenues ot that objective. When you are a Captain or Major, your route taken will have little to do with your career
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    A Need for a Resurrected Story

    Keep the Faith! -officer

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