Where is everybody?

I'm here! I'm here! I think TN will give us the "what for" when he gets back if we don't keep this ball rolling. Keep up the good work momoftwins!! The photos are awesome. I have a favorite picture of someone special there! :shake:
I couldn't take my eyes off that big truck looking thing. What the heck is it!? I wanna drive it to the grocery store, just once, & freak people out. Bet I'd get a good parking place right up close if I wanted. Probably gets about 2 miles to the gallon. LOL

I'm with you - I just LOVE the truck. I'd love to pull up to high school parent orientation night in that thing - especially with a big Army sign on it. But what about that cute little robot? And that cute little cadet in picture #11?
Yea, I was thinking about that little robot. It could go to my neighbor's garden & steal some tomatoes for me without them ever knowing what hit 'em! LOL
Yep, the cadet in #11 is far better looking than the robot. Bet the robot can't give people concussions tho. Much more useful skill than stealing tomatoes. :biggrin:
I always enjoyed just lurking at cc's usma forum because those West Point kids are soooo funny and clever. My second son is reading "Absolutely American" and I am too and soon we'll visit the campus.

We've been a Navy family for a long time, but who knows maybe I'll be lucky enough to get one of each. :smile: