Where should I go first: Optometry clinic or straight to Dodmerb?


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Aug 5, 2007
Hello Everyone,

Right now I have a scheduled appointment at the optometry clinic to get my eyes checked again. The last time I did a sports physical, I believe they said my right eye was 20/30. Should I go to the optometry clinic first, or straight to Dodmerb? I want to get the examination done before my school starts, so I was sorta planning on scheduling my dodmerb before my appointment at the opt. clinic. From what I heard, you don't need prescriptions to prove to Dodmerb that you are 20/20 correctable, correct? They can figure it out there for themselves without me having to wear any type of prescriptions, right? Thanks. :confused:
As part of the physical examination, a manifest refraction is required. The manifest refraction will correct you to 20/20. If you want to make an appointment with the optometry clinic it would not hurt, and if you want the optometrist to fill out the eye portion of the physical exam (my suggestion) then you will know for sure that that portion was filled out completly. Block #17 through #26 MUST be completely filled out by the optometrist. If any of those blocks are not filled in, DoDMERB will return the forms to you to get completed.
Oddly, I went to the optometry clinic with the dodmerb forms and they said I was 20/20. I guess perhaps one eye is weaker, but overall it turned out okay.