whew... indoc is done


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Feb 17, 2007
hey guys, i finished indoc two weeks ago. just finished my first week of classes and had my first football game as a trainer for the team.

what an amazing ride that was. i knew it was going to be hard but being injured the whole time made it that much more worse. but i made it through and i'm a stronger person for it.

in case you were wondering, yes i am still hurt. i saw yet another doctor yesterday before the football game and he said that it looks like a miniscal tear (what everyone said) but the mri is clean. he told me to tkae it easy on rehab since that is making it worse. i'm off crutches, but still on chit. i can't really climb stairs, definitely can't run, chop or jump. it stinks! they want me to go back to the orthopedist AGAIN in a few weeks.

ac year isn't too bad. it's kinda like indoc, still don't have any free time. any naps parents who don't believe their kids when they say they still don't have time to call.... we really don't.

that's it i guess. looking forward to going with the football team to annapolis next weekend.

thanks for the support during indoc and regarding my knee.
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!! Very very very proud of you. Way to hang tough with the injury & all. Keep up the good work!! And check back in with us when you find more time. You're going to have some kind of serious fun going to the game!
Navy Clarinet!! Glad to hear from you!

Sorry about your knee. While a meniscal tear can heal without surgery - it can take a while. Be patient. You don't have to go all out in therapy! Listen to your physical therapist and your orthopedist.

Glad to hear all else is going well - take care......
just found out from the trainer that the orthopedist is probably going to scope my knee because they can't 100% figure out what is going on.

hoorah for minor surgery! (not!)
Ask the doc if they inject local anesthesia at the site (in your knee) while you're asleep. That helps. They may be able to smooth the tear with the arthroscopy.
went to ortho today...
two more weeks of rehab then schedule surgery. surgery is pretty definite right now.

let you guys know how it goes.
back to more homework....
oh wow, i cannot believe my surgery is the day after tomorrow! i'm looking forward to it and not at the same time.

the first midterm is done.... i have a 3.4ish gpa. better than a lot of people here. appparently our class is the best militarily in a while, but academically we aren't doing to hot as a class. hopefully things will improve.

parent's weekend was great. it finished today.

football won it's first game saturday and xc kicked the crap out of army (or so i've been told).

so excited to get the new midterm started. wish us luck!
Good luck with your knee surgery - I hope things go well for you.
One of my kids had knee surgery a couple of years ago and all I can tell you is that the day after seems like the worst - just keep taking the pain meds if you need them!

Great news on your grades! Keep up the good work!
football won it's first game saturday...(or so i've been told).

I'm really old and have been accused of more than my share of "senior moments" but last I checked, Navy Varsity Football was 3-2 (should have been 4-1 but for that heartbreaker with Ball State). The Sprint Team is undefeated. Navy Clarinet, what am I missing? Do we only count SA victories?(USAFA)

By now you've had your knee successfully scoped! We all hope that you are doing well and will return to full duty ASAP!!!:shake: :shake: :shake:


Yes she is at NAPS and it was a great win for the team as it happened on Parent's Weekend.

She has had her surgery already today. She is resting comfortably, or so I was told by the nursing staff, and is awaiting her ride back to the base. Do not have any real details but I am sure that she will let everyone know when she feels more like sitting at the computer.

Thanks for the thoughts. I know she appreciates them.
Like I said, my senior moments are getting more frequent! JAM, stop shouting at the old man!
Well, if she's as lucky as I was, she'll come out great. Navy Docs went into my left knee to see what the heck had happened, and now it's better than my unmolested right knee. Go figure!

Here's to a speedy recovery! :thumb:
OUCH! Our favorite NAPS kid is probably thinking this wasn't such a great idea about now. Has to be hurting. On to the healing part! I think she needs chocolate right about now.

navy_clarinet_mom, keep it together. She's in good hands. I know you know. I'm just sayin' is all. Keep in touch & tell her good luck with all the not so fun part of getting back on her feet.

I'd say more but its 21 to 21 at this very second. (Insert bad word here) Navy better come ahead.
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my life sucks right now....acutally, i guess it could be worse...
turns out i didn't have a miniscal tear. not sure exactly what it was, will post back as soon as the trainer tells me for sure.
thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, i needed them. i just took my medicine and it hasn't kicked in yet, so i'm in a good bit of pain. i'll be fine though.

let you guys know how it's going later!
yep - today is the worst day. you will be up and around soon - until then keep taking the pain meds!
Hang tough, kiddo!
i had a tear in my capsule in my left knee.... pain meds kicking in... going to bed.
Atta girl. Sorry you have to go through this. A few more days & things should look better. :frown: Hang tough the way we know you can!
Best of Luck Kid:

Get better real soon and Don't, I repeat Don't, try to do any rehab over and above the schedule. Some people think that twice as much is twice as fast but it doesn't work that way. Stay positive. I-Day is just around the corner. Remember breakfast at the Atlantic Grill in Middletown but get there early.
breakfast in middletown? like tow seconds off base? i'm confused.... or maybe i'm just getting old too...