Which sports would be the best?


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Oct 31, 2008
Hi, I am homeschooled so I have not had the opportunity to play any organized sports. My talent is baseball, but that doesn't start until spring. I realy need to get some sport in at our high school. Any ideas of what USNA would like to see on a homeschooled application?
Why not find a sport that you want to participate and excel in rather than playing the game of what looks best. The The Academy does not value swimming more than running or football more than crew. Pick one - excel and be a leader; they are looking for leadership and athletic ability.
My simplified advice: choose a sport you enjoy and that contributes to excellent physical conditioning.

Here are three summarized recommendations BGOs have been advised by CGO to give to Home School candidates:
  • Encourage candidates to take college courses to supplement their home school (or, when available, small school) curriculum
  • Encourage participation and leadership in group activities, e.g., scouting, local band, orchestra or theater group
  • Encourage participation in athletics, especially wide-area team sports and sports with individual rankings
Thank you for your prompt replies :smile: If I am in the middle of the admissions proccess for the class of 2013, is it to late to effectively participate in a sport? Also, would informing admissions that I will be playing baseball in the spring do any good?
Maybe I am biased, but I know quite a few midshipmen and alot of the ones I know say that wrestling is one of the best preps for the academy. Its essentially a combat sport (its a class at the academy), it builds discipline, cutting weight makes working out on a full stomach a treat, and the exercises and the field house cranked up to 105 degrees while you are wearing alot of clothes soaked with sweat makes you tougher. You get black eyes, dislocations, bloody noses, lips, scratches, bites.

Essentially it makes you crazy. Its a love hate relationship. four varsity letters and a three time captain. Its a blast.

Plus it puts you in really good shape. Look at Scott Steele (285) and Matt Stolpinski (174 all american now a marine) ...wow haha

just my 2c
What state are you in? Some states are great about hsers participating in public schools, and some are not. We're very blessed in CO--my now 2nd Class did swimming and x-c. Her BGO told her that he was pleased to see an individual sport and a team sport. We have friends in not-so-welcoming states that had students participate in swim clubs and running clubs.
For homeschoolers, I suggest a team sport over an individual sport. Second, I would pick a sport that you might enjoy that requires running, strength and/or stamina. Among good choices: soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, ice hockey. Sports that are more individualized, but also have team elements, include swimming, wrestling, boxing, tennis, track & field.

Sports that I would stay away from as a homeschooler are any of the martial arts, golf, skating, cycling, diving, and maybe gymnastics if one of these is your only sport (ok if combined with a team sport). I'm NOT suggesting that these aren't legitimate sports or that they don't require physical stamina, technical skill, great athleticism, etc. Just that they are considered somewhat "loner" sports and there is always a concern that homeschoolers haven't had as much exposure to groups, teams, other students, etc. as their non-home schooled peers.

So, if you're going to pick a sport, pick something that will both demonstrate athleticism AND team/group participation.