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    So if I attend the citadel or norwich for the rest of my education (3 years) and at the end, is it possible (even if I do well) that I could never even get an active duty or reserves slot to commission into the Army? Especially after paying to go there? I could just end up going home with a military college diploma and no chance of a commission?..this is possible?

    Or do they have anything set up with OCS so that their grad's who didn't get commissioned at the Senior Military College can be commissioned upon entering there or something like this?
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    You are correct; you could possibly not be commissioned to regular active duty; however, you could commission to reserves or National Guard.
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    Newmusic- There is an entire forum devoted to Military Colleges. You really are asking questions that lots of folks can answer on those forums. This is the USMA Forum and should be reserved for USMA questions
    BTW- the short answer to your question is that at all of the Senior Military colleges you have the option to contract and pursue a commission- or not -thru ROTC. Taking ROTC classes is mandatory at all of those schools, but you do not have to commission if that is not your desire. Additionally, the Army is required to offer you active duty if you wish and if the Professor of Military Science recommends you-( this is not the case with the other services ). Additionally- the Army offers the opportunity to commission straight into Reserve/National Guard duty if that is your wish.

    For further information about the Senior Military Colleges- post in the Military college forums

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