Who conducts CFA for college student re-applicant?


Nov 9, 2016
My DS received his nomination to USNA this weekend. His application still needs the CFA in order to be complete. Who is eligible to administer the CFA for college students who are re-applying? I know this is LATE - it is a long story - and maybe a long shot. But he has been working hard for this for two years. He has been trying to get an ROTC officer to conduct the CFA. He is out of state for college, so cannot have his BGO administer. He is in shape and ready, just needs the right person to administer. Any advice?
This page shows several options that may be open to your son:

https://www.usma.edu/admissions/Shared Documents/CFA_Instructions.pdf

I believe that even though that’s a West Point document, it should still be applicable to USNA, since the CFA is mostly standardized across the academies. Also, I don’t know if it specifically has to be a ROTC officer that administers it, I believe any commissioned officer can, so if you may consider pursuing that route if your son or any of his friends know any other military officers that are available on short notice. IMO, your best bet is to keep up with the ROTC officer while shamelessly searching for literally anyone else that could be qualified to administer it. Best of luck to you!
In addition to ROTC instructors if there are any near you, I suggest you reach out to physical education/health teachers on campus, or maybe graduate students holding a degree in physical education. They are allowed to administer the exam for you. Ask around and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to help.
"The CFA MUST be administered by a high school/prep school physical education teacher, commissioned officer (for military candidates), or the candidate's Blue and Gold Officer."

Get him to do this ASAFP ! Find a Phys. Ed teacher, get their EMail address too. He has to plug that Email address into the Candidate Information System ("Portal") in order for whomever is giving the test to get an email with a link to follow to report the scores. This is MONDAY the 29th. The last day is WEDNESDAY the 31st!!!
Thank you all...he got a prep school PE teacher from near campus to administer the CFA yesterday and upload the results. Application complete, now for the waiting......

Wow. Just under the wire!