Who makes the decision?

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    When a MOC submits his/her slate of ten to Annaoplois who then makes the decision on which candidate gets selected? Does the regional admissions officer make the decision or have any influence at that point or is it done strictly by the admissions board or others at Annapolis. Also, is it based only on the WCS of each file or are other factors considered?
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    Depends on how the MOC submits his/her slate. If he she designates a principal nominee, USNA must select that person if he/she is triple qualified. Ditto if the MOC ranks his/her slate -- USNA must take the first triple Q'ed person on the list.

    If it's a competitive slate, USNA Admissions makes the decision. I doubt it's a single person. I would think the Board and the RDs and others have input into the process.

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