Why do some AFROTC Detachments get Tuition earlier?


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Jan 29, 2013
Hey all,

Just wondering, why do some AFROTC Detachments get tuition paid out earlier than others? Mine still hasn't received Fall tuition, yet others in my region have. Just curious, thanks!
It depends on when the unit submitted their paperwork.. Just like everything else, it is a queue. Thus, if your unit submitted completed paperwork on September 5th, but 15 other units submitted on Sept.. 4th, than they will be processed before your unit.
My son received a Commanders Type 1 scholarship at the end of October. Immediately his stipend kicked in and book reimbursement was paid to him, but the reimbursement of Fall tuition has not been reimbursed to us yet. He has told me that the University knows that Spring tuition will be paid by the AF, but it may fall into a delinquent status, but to let it go.

Reading here, I have seen all kinds of scenarios for different detachments.