Will I get offered a AFROTC scholarship?


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Jan 7, 2009
I didn't make the first board, but was told I am qualified and re-boarded.
I have a 3.83 unweighted GPA, 1330 SAT. My PFA wasn't all that great...especially the run. I did 49 pushups and 30 sit-ups and a 12 minute 1.5 mi.

I think where the real trouble comes in, since I'm homeschooled, I haven't been alowed to participate in school sports. I have been on a club swim team for all highschool, but since its a club, I dont get the Varsity letter that looks so good. And the team does not do captains. I also have been on the town baseball team all of highschool, but once again the same problems.

As far as extra-curricular...I am the president of my youth group, and have done various charity fundraisers and other volunteer work.

The final problem is that I want to be a non-technical major. I put chemistry as my second, and would be willing to double major if it helped. I wouldn't even mind if I recieved a type 7, so does anyone think they will offer me anything??

Thanks for any help!
I think your PFA was your real problem. The scores seem very low. If you go up against kids applying for the AFA (they typically apply for ROTC also). Their sit-ups are at least in the 60+ range, their push-ups are in the same range and their run would be in a 11 min. range.) You should inquire if you can re-take the PFA, but since it is passed Jan. I don't know if they would allow it

They do understand home schooling and the fact that you can't play varsity sports, so don't worry that much about it.

DS is non-technical (Scholars govt and military history). Only a small % of scholarships are given to non-tech fields.

Type 1 - Pays full college tuition, most lab fees and $900/year for books. Approximately 5 percent of our 4-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-1 scholarship (mostly in Computer, Electrical, and Environmental Engineering).
Type 2 - Pays college tuition and most lab fees up to $15,000 and pays $900/year for books. Approximately 10 percent of our 4-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-2 scholarship (mostly in technical fields). If a student attends an institution where the tuition exceeds $15,000, then he/she pays the difference. All 3-year scholarships are Type 2.
it is early, don't worry.

My son didn't take the physical fitness test and still got a scholarship. Based on conflicting advice, he hadn't completed it when he sent his packet in. Later he had a remedial that required surgery....so he couldn't do any physical activity and was still given a scholarship. He was told they could rely upon his varsity sports experience in high school. You have club sports that show you are a "team player" and show that you are physically active. There are many home schooled students who are probably in your same position.
From reading on this forum we learned that the selection process goings on throughout the Spring. You have lots of time. No worries!:thumb:
Hang in there! always have a back up plan! The mantra "a failure to plan is a plan to fail" is so true when it comes to scholarships and acceptance. Good luck!
Here is the standard for the fitness test http://www.af.mil/news/USAF_Fitness_Charts.pdf

You can look here and calculate your score. If you are not overweight, you probably scored in the "good" range. (75-89.9)

My son is homeschooled, and he did not do extremely well on his ROTC fitness test (bad day), but he was awarded a scholarship. So, don't worry!!

You can contact them and ask if retaking the fitness portion would make a big difference.
I think where the real trouble comes in, since I'm homeschooled, I haven't been alowed to participate in school sports.

the navy nrotc scholarship definitely understood homeschooled. instead of having a lot of varsity letters, i substituted some national rankings in a martial art. as mentioned above, the problem might be your prts. i wonder if they couldnt judge how competitive you were in club sports and then looked at your prts and guessed, "not very"? is it already too late for you to take them over? you might want to take it again and send new scores to the recruiter if there are still board dates left.
So is scoring in the Good range a bad thing? I had 30 push ups, 41 sit ups and a 10:11 mile and a half run. I weigh around 160 pounds so I don't think I am overweight.
I personally think the "good" range is fine, but I don't know anything!!:smile:
It's not a bad thing. Remember they look at the whole package. So if you have good PFA scores, but low EC's it will hurt you. Your PFA, EC, Academics all add into the package. Also good has a large spectrum, if you're closer to marginal, than that isn't too good you want to be as close to excellent as possible.

Many AFA candidates apply for an ROTC scholarship, so you will be competing against them also. For the AFA your run would be good, but the push-ups and sit-ups would be typically lower in comparison.

Don't worry as long as the packet is well rounded you will be fine.

Keep exercising b/c once in ROTC you will continue to take your PFA (2x a yr), if you score high enough than you are released from mandatory training.
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Thanks Pima for the advice. I am using ROTC as another option for military service, as i am also applying for all three academies. I am working out with a trainer right now, so I should be able to raise both of those scores. The pull-ups is what worries me because I dont have very strong back muscles. My trainer is confident that I should be able to overcome this though.
yeah, i am a little worried about my pushups for getting a AFROTC scholarship. I dont think it will affect it much

I did 50 pushups, 72 situps (i know, i am amazed too), and 1.5 mile in 10:13

what are you guys talking about with over and under weight. I am 204 lbs, 5' 11''. I know that is big, but it is mostly muscle, and I am starting a workout program to lose my fat
On the USAF Fitness chart that I posted earlier, there is a section for abd girth measurement--so that is why I mentioned weight.

On the AFROTC site (which WA MOM linked above) there is also the maximum scores for the PFA http://www.afrotc.com/admissions/fitnessSt.php.

For men up to age 24:

push-ups 62
crunches 55
1.5 mile 9:36

I'm sorry if I caused any confusion~~
As far as the underweight/overweight issue, if you come close to the standards they will tape measure you. DS is incredibly thin (140 lbs and 5'10) so they tape measured him and he was fine
Does anyone know for in-college afrotc scholarships, how many are awarded for phase one? Our commander already handed out the ones he can offer at his discretion. He explained it once, but I can't remember, are they offered on a competitive nationwide basis or do they give so many to each detachment?