Will my Endometriosis cause me to loss my scholarship?


Jun 21, 2017
First and for most this is my first time utilizing this method of research. I know that everyone here brings different experiences and information, so I wanted to start by telling you all, Thank you. I am currently awaiting the results of my medical waiver and I am extremely nervous.

I was awarded an endorsement to participate in ROTC with a 3 years Green to Gold Hip Pocket Scholarship. I assumed that once I received the endorsement that it would be smooth sailing from there, that has not been the case. At first with the submission of my packet I was awaiting the results from DODMERB, the results came back 3 weeks later needing additional information. To my understanding DODMERB was questioning my visual exam and my past surgery with my endometriosis. The information was sent, so as of last Monday, my status was change to disqualified. Shorty after a medical waiver was automatically sent and I am awaiting the results of that. My question now is, What are the odd of this waiver being approved?

Thank you all
Hello Bria,

I applied for the ROTC AD option Green to Gold. I too share your concerns of receiving a DQ for endometriosis, did you receive any updates ?

Staying hopeful,
@bria.feathers1 Assuming your real name is Bria Feathers you might want to contact Tactical Nuke to change your screen name. This is meant to be an anonymous forum and I doubt you want the entire SAF world to know your medical conditions.