Will they request records?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by GoldMettle, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Is there a general rule as far as when they will request med records?

    As I look through all of the disqualification codes, most reasons for DQ are either a current condition of something or a current condition OR history of that condition. I imagine anytime there is a history of something that would DQ they are going to want verification/records/waiver, but for something where only a current condition would DQ, will they want records if it was remedied 10 years ago?

    Basically, I'm asking if there is a standard anybody is aware of or is it simply unpredictable. I had a condition that if it is "current, symptomatic X" it is a DQ, but no indication that history of it matters. It was surgically repaired 13 years ago (I'm old) with no symptoms since. My only concern is it will be difficult to locate he records if they are requested. MEPS back in 2006 didn't seem to care, but I know this is different.
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    I would ask the DoDMERB help desk folks.
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    ^yes -- your condition is quite vague (no need to clarify), so it's a bit hard to tell for sure what you need to do, but your lifeline will be lawrence.e.mullen.civ@mail.mil

    Also keep in mind surgical records are different from medical records, and can be a pain to get (filed under the doctor you were checked in under, not your everyday physician). If I were you and think that a DQ is possible, I would work on attaining the surgery records in one way or another.

    Best of luck!
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    +1 on contacting Mr. Mullen :thumb:

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