William Ryan Owens

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SEAL Ethos/Creed

In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life. I am that man.

My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Bestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day.

My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach. I humbly serve as a guardian to my fellow Americans always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of my profession, placing the welfare and security of others before my own.

I serve with honor on and off the battlefield. The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men. Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. My word is my bond.

We expect to lead and be led. In the absence of orders I will take charge, lead my teammates and accomplish the mission. I lead by example in all situations.

I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity. My Nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight.

We demand discipline. We expect innovation. The lives of my teammates and the success of our mission depend on me - my technical skill, tactical proficiency, and attention to detail. My training is never complete.

We train for war and fight to win. I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of combat power to bear in order to achieve my mission and the goals established by my country. The execution of my duties will be swift and violent when required yet guided by the very principles that I serve to defend.

Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my teammates steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed. I will not fail.


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Now the President, the Congress, and the Nation should honor Mrs. Owens and all surviving spouses by removing the SBP/DIC offset. Our husbands went to their graves believing that their families would be taken care of by the military through their survivor benefit plan--and it is simply not the case. (I don't need the money--I am a professional woman--but if Mrs. Owens is like the majority of my Gold Star Wives--she really needsthe full SBP to help build a life for herself and any surviving children in the Owens household.)


If you are an AD service member on this forum, just a friendly reminder...

"Generally, the law draws no distinction between language directed at the President in his official or private capacity,35 and the truthfulness of the contemptuous comments is irrelevant as a matter of law.36 The truth or falsity of the statement has been considered irrelevant because “the gist of the offense is the con- temptuous character of the language and the malice with which it is used.”37 Also, the particular forum in which the words are rendered is not dispositive.38 Further, it is generally not a defense that the accused did not intend his words to be contemptuous,39 and to achieve a conviction the government does not even have to establish that anyone made privy to the contemptuous words knew of the accused’s military status.40 ."

If one is no longer serving in an AD status, then fire away...


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All Trump did was parade Ryan's widow in public for his own self-aggrandizement, and to try to counter the impact of his father, who is demanding an investigation. If you believe for one second Trump gives a **** about any part of this situation, you're sadly mistaken.


And you think Clinton gave a **** about Khizr Khan and his son? That WAS a shameful paid display during that losing campaign.

I do not agree with Trump's response to the family, but Clinton's only reason to parade this family in front of the media was strictly politics. She nor her husband has ever cared for or helped the military. I unfortunately, served under Clinton.
All Trump did was parade Ryan's widow in public for his own self-aggrandizement, and to try to counter the impact of his father, who is demanding an investigation. If you believe for one second Trump gives a **** about any part of this situation, you're sadly mistaken.
I'd love to see an investigation on the chinook that was shot down with seals, marines and pilots inside, and no apache escort..
My Generals are the best Generals
He kind of threw them under the bus though:
“This was something that was, you know, just — [the generals] wanted to do,” Trump said. “ And they came to see me and they explained what they wanted to do, the generals, who are very respected.”

“And they lost Ryan,” Trump continued."
Trump passes blame for Yemen raid to his generals: ‘They lost Ryan’ - Wash Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/02/28/trump-passes-blame-for-yemen-raid-to-his-generals-they-lost-ryan/


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There is a wide chasm between the warrior on the battlefield and the politicians who sent them there. Always has been. We can respect and honor the soldier while holding the politicians in contempt. But it seems hypocritical to single out this one instance since every politician uses the military community as pawns in their efforts to sell a message. Every administration has done this. Parades, war bonds, state of the union, political rallies, etc.

Even in my short six years on active duty I detailed Marines to all types of political and community events and I personally led color guards at similar events. Took a detail to line the steps of some fancy hotel for a Diane Fienstein event in San Francisco. The politicians walked past us, the crowd moved into the dining room and we were sent home .

Let's remember the man and debate the politics in another thread. May God bless William Ryan Owns and his family.


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As someone who knew Ryan, you can get out of here with this Trump BS. That joke of a "leader" has pissed all over this entire situation. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
Life is better when you're positive and upbeat. Why go through it with a chip on your shoulder. Was it necessary to tell Ryan his thoughts are "BS"? Are his opinions less valuable than yours?

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Scout, I assumed from your comment you knew Senior Chief Owens. Just to clarify, so I can follow the exchanges.