Wisdom Teeth


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Jan 25, 2009
I accepted my appointment to the AFA for 2013 and have been quilified by Dodmerb since October. My dentist told me I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon. Since it requires surgery, do I have submit everything to Dodmerb and can this change my medical status from qualified?
Wisdom Teath

Som who is at USMA now was also told this.

He was told he woudl have them out at some point at USMA.

So far seems all have forgotten.
If you have your wisdom teeth extracted soon and there are no complications, it will be no problem. When R they scheduled to come out? Not all extractions are surgical. If U have additional questions, email me:thumb:
I have the same question. When son (that has an appointment) finished up ortho treatment the orthodontist wanted wisdom teeth out (so eventually when the wisdom teeth came in they would not angle into his "masterpiece"). His wisdom teeth are impacted and require surgical removal. I scheduled them to be removed the last week in April. If everything goes well and there are no complications, do we have any paperwork we need to refile with DodMerb? I can't remember what/any we filed in relationship to dental questions.
I am going through same thing! I am getting all 5 wisdom teeth out within the next month in order to avoid future complications! Think its better to just get it over and done with! Was supposed to have them out last week, but then they discovered I had an extra!! i have 5...not 4! crazy...lol
5 wisdom teeth??? WOW.. I thought there were only 4 ?

you must have MORE wisdom! :)
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Yep, we can rack up wisdom teeth > 4. I had the usual 4 out before I went on active duty. Had one show up when I was 35, couldn't figure out what the heck was going on in my mouth. Navy dentist assured me Mother Nature was fully prepared to backfill teeth from the cave chow days, when there were stones in with the ground grains and tougher meat... #6 showed up 5 years after that. I didn't feel any smarter.