Wisdom teeth


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Aug 7, 2008
I know that KP wants those wisdom teeth out before they report in July, so here is my problem... our health insurance is with a huge HMO. I took my son to the dentist for his regular check up and cleaning, I told him we needed his wisdom teeth out, dentist said that there was no reason for his wisdom teeth to come out now, there is nothing wrong with them. I explained situation in more detail, and asked for a referal to the oral surgeon, he said he would give the referal, but that we would probably would have a hard time with getting this done since they are not currently giving him any trouble. Well it's been almost two weeks, and he never did make the referal for us, so I am working on that again. Has anyone had any experience with this? If I can't get anywhere with the HMO should I just take him somewhere else and pay for it out of pocket?
Not having too many creative thoughts for you here, but it might be worthwhile to call USMMA and speak with the dental officer there. Surely this cannot be a new problem, and with today's healthcare insurance system, it's hard to get something done that's not medically indicated. They might have some suggestions. Good luck.

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Our dentist didnt see a need to take my daughter's wisdom teeth out in 2007 but her orthodontist wanted them out as they were going to grow crooked into her molars, so he gave us a referral.. Her wisdom teeth were pulled in Dec 2007 per her orthodontist's instructions.

Maybe that is another option ask an orthodontist instead of the dentist?
Capt MJ--
Good idea, I will give them a call, it's like pulling teeth (hee hee) trying to get an insurance company to pay for something that is not medically necessary!

J Collins--
He had braces, got them off about 9 months ago, all paid for out of our pocket (no ortho coverage) to the tune of $5,025.00. We may end up paying for the wisdom teeth out of pocket too. Wow, that's an expensive smile!
My son's are lying down and close to the facial nerve.

That might be a reason worth exploring, too.

By the way, our insurance doesn't pay either... but I had mine out unexpectedly a few weeks into freshman year of college. It was awful. 6-1/2 hours from home...

Do it now. It is worth it. AND, it takes time for the bone to grow in... and it isn't a great idea to be exercising hard while it is growing in. If the clot is kicked out too soon, and you have "dry socket" you have a lot of pain1