Women’s Ice Hockey Recruiting


May 1, 2023
Good morning all,

I play ice hockey, and one of the things I will do anything for is to play hockey for the academy. But I’m not sure how to contact the team, as they are a club team. They still recruit, though. Would anybody be able to provide some sports guidance? Thanks!
Have some knowledge of this, because of DD (who is not USAFA-connected but knows the topic very well). It’s a club team that’s very new. Talent level is very mixed. I wouldn’t say they recruit. They try to drum up interest among higher-level hockey clubs, in hopes that some players are interested in becoming cadets and officers. If you’re a competent hockey player who’s had some coaching, you should have no problem joining the team.
If you google USAFA women's hockey club, you'll find a variety of links and pages. You should be able to find contact information there. In any case, during Blue Rush, I'm sure they will have information available. I looked at their pages and "recruiting" isn't in the same vein as Div I athletics, more like letting people know they exist and encouraging people to skate with them.
I sent you a message with contact information. If anyone else is interested in either the Women's Club Team or the Men's Club Team, please send me a message and I can provide you with contact info.