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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by stlcards2012, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Hey all,

    I am currently working towards attending the USNA or USMA, and want to be in the best shape possible when I enter. I workout every morning and run, while eating healthy and taking some protein.

    What I was wondering, is there anyone here, currently at an Academy or in the military/former military who has experience with workout supplements and protein. Some of my friends take certain supplements, some of which I would never take, but a few that I am considering. (These friends are body builders and a few baseball players who will probably go D1) So, have you ever taken any kind of workout supplement, other than proteins or vitamins? And should I try taking some?

    Just FYI, I am leaning towards no, but would like to hear some people with more experience chime in.
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    You won't be able to take supplements such as protein during plebe summer of course. During the academic year, many mids do take protein (I assume it's the same at USMA). The supplements must be approved by the NCAA in most cases. Part of the answer may depend on what you're aiming for. Cross country runners are not as likely to take supplements as a football player or wrestler. If you're simply hoping to get prepared for the pt during plebe summer or beast, I'd recommend you stick with what you're doing now and avoid supplements.

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