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    Hello Serviceacademy forums,

    Fortunately I received an appointment to the class of 2021, but unfortunately I have come down with a case of mono. To put it simply, I am extremely worried. I have had mono for a couple weeks now, so it will probably get better soon, but there are only 3 months until R-Day and I have not been able to train because that is counterintuitive for getting better, this worries me. I have kept good grades (A- to B+) in all my classes except one, which is currently a C. I guess you could say I have two fears, one that I will get my offer resended if the C drops to a D (I would have letters from my counselor, teacher, and doctor as to why this would have happened, but still), and that I will not be fit for R-day, although I have always been active and on varsity sports.

    Would I have my offer resensed if I have great grades except for a D in one class, of which I have letters from my counselor, teacher, and doctor explaining the situation? ( As i need to rest so I can get better quicker and start training for BEAST)

    Thank you.
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    I think you're fine. Just get over the mono. You have plenty of time to raise that grade, and since you're probably homebound, you have a lot of time to study.

    It would be rare for them to pull an appointment for a D in your final semester. Good luck.
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    Relax and get better. Stay in touch w/ your teachers and do whatever you can to pull up your grades. My son ended up with more C's than I'd like to count on his final grade report...and he's safely at WP. Don't add additional stress to your recovery. Get better, then slowly start getting in shape. Try to enjoy the rest of your senior year.
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    Agree you are fine. Keep the grades up as best as possible. When the doctor gives you the all clear don't over due it. Build yourself back up. The first week will suck, but don't panic and think running 5 miles three times a day will solve the problem that first week. It will take a little time to get back to the level you had before. You are young, you will rebound quickly with a few weeks of progressive work.
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    Rest, stay hydrated, keep focused on your academics and stop kissing so much!

    Just kidding kinda about the kissing thing but be careful sharing straws, (sampling friends drinks) hygiene is important (washing hands), change out your tooth brush weekly, and use clean utensils.

    One important thing you have going for you that is miss so very much,........ you're young and can rebound from this quickly!

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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