Worst Nightmare


Aug 26, 2015
Hi all. This past weekend I had a Jacksonian seizure. My tests, thus far, have been clean and I have not been diagnosed with anything. I have a neurology appt. on Monday. I am terrified that I will no longer be able to attend VMI on my NROTC scholarship. If I am not diagnosed with anything, will the Navy still disqualify me? PLEASE HELP
Well that is huge. Glad to hear you had a follow up and you didn't have one! Good luck!
if it wasn't a seizure what was it?
I am a very restless sleeper and my friends were concerned that I was seizing in my sleep. I told them I was fine but they called an ambulance anyway just in case. My EEG confirmed that it wasn't a seizure, so I am in the clear.
Be very careful how this gets documented in your medical files. Make sure you get a full release....no "maybe's".
If it wasn't a seizure, don't mark that you had a seizure on your medical history form. In fact if you had nothing wrong with you based on your doctor's evaluation, just that your friends were scared and called the ambulance, then I wouldn't even mention it. As soon as you write something down, the burden of proof is on you to prove that you are healthy.