Would grandpa's service mean a special patch to cadet at USAFA?


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Oct 10, 2007
My father served in the Army Air Corps in WWII. My S will be a cadet at USAFA 2012. We understand that for direct decendents of AAC personnel, there is a special patch or pin the cadet can wear on their uniform. Is this correct? Has anyone heard of this before? If so, do I need my dad's military papers? I have his discharge papers and he's buried in a national military cemetery, but I don't know if the papers designate Air Corps or not.
"Upon authorization from the Commandant, cadets are authorized to wear the standard chrome plated prop and wings device on their flight caps. Cadets who are direct descendents of members of the Army Air Corps, Women Air Force Service Pilots, have a parent with at least 20 years of military service, have a parent that participated in combat as a member of any U.S. military service, or a parent that died in the line of duty are authorized to wear the gold prop and wings device. Cadets may shine the device but must not otherwise modify it (bending or sweeping the props)."
Anyone have a picture of this device?


At recognition, you tell the upperclassman which kind of prop & wings you need (gold or silver). After that, it's just a matter of buying the right ones.
My father was also in the Army Air Corps, but my cadet is at WP. Does this also apply for West Point cadets, or only the AFA?