WOW - That was FAST!

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by 2011's Mom, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Jun 22, 2006
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    Yesterday we mailed by UPS next day the requested remedials (and there were a whole bunch!). Today I was going online to check that the package was received by DoDMERB and logged into the DoDMERB site instead of UPS on accident. What a surprise when it listed D as Qualified for each academy (AF was Pot. Pilot) :yllol: ! I checked UPS, they delivered the package this morning at 9:35 and by 12:30 the DoDMERB site showed her qualified. That was much faster than I ever dreamed. I was just confirming they had received the package! I even broke a family rule and sent a text message to my D at school! (Good girl, the phone was turned off, she didn't get it until after school a few minutes ago!).

    Anyway, she got all her apps done already (but for WP, pending the mailing of their app - but I think lots of it is probably there from SLS?) and her nomination apps are all done so now I think we are in the waiting game! How exciting to have DoDMERB done!.

    Thanks so much RetNavy. You are a resource that can't be matched!
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    I'm glad to hear everything went well! Now that that fun stuff is done, on to the really difficult portion!

    Best of luck! So have you built the padded room with the padlock (on the outside) to keep your daughter safe and healthy until induction day?? :shake:
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    Quick turnarounds

    We have had similar quick turnarounds by DodMERBthis past month, but 3 hours? That must be a record.