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    I recently received a letter from the West Point Association of Graduates, offering me the WPPSP Scholarship. In the letter it states that I am not yet out of the running for an appointment, but does anyone have any experience with this program and chances of admission at this point? Does this mean that I am probably not going to be offered admission, and it's an option, or should I choose not to read into it too much. I know that part of this question pertains to the Prep forums, but how close is life at any of the Military Institutes to that of WP or of VMI? I have a 4yr AROTC scholarship which I accepted to VMI as well. Any information would be much appreciated.
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    If you have been offered Civil Prep, this is as close to an offer of admission for NEXT year as you can get at this point. Likewise, you are still in the running for this year; however, chances are slim that you will get an offer and likely would have gotten a TWE if not for this.
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    This is a golden ticket. Unless you screw up at prep, you will go to WP for 2021...considering most people take 5 years to finish college, it's a sweet deal. Congrats.
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    Your chance of an appointment now is very low. The likely way you will get an appointment at this point is if someone doesn't accept an appointment or rescind on accepted appointment in your nomination category (had a case where a candidate in my state accepted West Point appointment, got a later offer from another SA, then rescinded the West Point appointment. The slot was offered to another candidate). West Point makes additional offers knowing some candidates won't accept the offer.

    As for choosing between the WPPSP scholarship or 4 year ROTC scholarship, it depends on what West Point means to you. Many candidates often forget, the decision they are making is becoming an Army officer, not becoming a graduate of West Point. 2LT is a 2LT regardless of the commissioning source. Most will agree that each commissioning source has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the commission source, it will prepare you to be a 2LT in the Army.

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