Wristwatch restrictions?


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Oct 8, 2008
Our son wants a new watch for Christmas. In looking ahead at starting at the Academy next June, are their any restrictions for freshman on types of watches or colors? Thanks.
They aren't going to wear a watch during basic training, but afterwards once they start classes, they can wear any watch. I probably wouldn't go with some flaming pink and glow in the dark green. Stay with normal black/brown neoprene or leather bands. But the type isn't restricted. At least not in my son's class is hasn't been an issue. later... mike....
I'm pretty sure there are restrictions, but they are not too tight. Just about any conservative watch will do (i.e. follow the above advice).
I'm getting a Casio G-Shock atomic solar watch for my birthday. About $100 at retail stores.
good old basic timex running watch for me. worked well through the last 3 years of running...
Had a G-Shock, awesome watch! Keeps the best time ever (hence the name)... Broke mine somehow though... Ya, don't ask, I couldn't tell ya how I managed to "un-shock" proof it :smile: