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    I asked this question several months ago but this was before my son had taken the ACTs and the PFA. Any input would be appreciated. Here are the stats:

    Intended Major: Chemistry

    GPA (unweighted): 3.67 (7 point scale)
    GPA (weighted): 4.75 (+1 for honors, +2 for AP)
    2 APs Junior year, 3 APs Senior Year, all the rest honors

    ACT: 32 composite (34 English, 28 Math, 33 Reading, 34 Science) - single sitting

    PFA: 1.5 mile run-8:55
    push ups-55

    ECs - 4 years cross country and track (lettered in CC all 4 years). Guitar Band. Vice President of Strategy Club (Sr year). Vice President of Biology Club (Sr year). Various volunteer activies. Part time job at a local grocery store.

    Big deficiency is in the leadership column. From what I understand, the leadership roles his senior year won't even be looked at.
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    He has a strong PAR, especially the fact that his cgpa is on a 7 point scale. His ACT is in the parameters for the mean regarding scholarships.
    ~ Caveat, just because it is 7 point, the factor of the school profile will still come into the equation. If that cgpa is top 25% and the profile of the school is the following:
    0% go Ivy, 20% go Private/OOS, 20% IS, 20% CC and 20% workforce that cgpa isn't as outstanding compared to the candidate with a profile of 25%/25/25/15/10.
    One says at his school he is Ivy caliber and another says he is in the IS level. Two different things.
    The ranking typically is looked at with respect to the profile.

    Now the downside...nothing including his courses as a senior will be included. Only any new ACT or SAT.

    If it was me I would have him take the next SAT and ACT again. Have him concentrate on studying the Math portion and game the system...leaving it blank hurts more than answering incorrectly for the ACT (if I recall correctly....double check that), so iows the last thirty seconds bubble your life away! Whereas, for the SAT leaving it blank is better than an incorrect answer...again it has been 2 years for me, so double check if that is correct.
    ~ If he could raise that portion to a 30, and repeat the other portions again he would have a 33.... If he could get on par with the 33 than he would be at 34 . it is a big IF, but def. Something I would try.
    ~ Same with why I would have him take the SAT, sometimes kids do better on that exam...if he took the PSAT as a junior he should have a ballpark by adding a 0 to his score. IE if he scored a 210, it would be the equivalent to 2100.

    They will use their algorithm and take whichever exam is better.

    Also if he is an NMSF from the PSAT that is an academic award and many colleges love to publicize those type of stats via their websites or the glossy brochures. The point is many of those kids will always get college merit scholarships and you need to think about that.

    I will repeat for the umpteenth time...AFROTC scholarship may say 4 years, but more like 2 + 2. No SFT and the last two years will most likely be on your dime because chances are AFROTC will disenroll him. The other reason is if he decides that he doesn't want to be in the program, he can leave as a freshmen, what happens if he is one of the many cadets that do leave? Can he afford to stay without the scholarship?

    Good luck. Best thing to do is keep yourself busy....realize that none of us sit on the board and any response is anecdotal at best due to that fact. Hence many will not give you an answer. In honesty everyone can say yep he is going to get at least a type 7 and for a day or two, maybe a week you will feel better. However, come Dec you will still feel uneasy and have a ton of knots in your stomach. When he goes for his interview and unless they offer him their det. only scholarship(which open a new OMG ??? process) you will replay everything he said in your mind looking for some type of insight.
    ~ Is impressive the same as the best? I said this is my dream college, but the response was what is your AF career goals? Did they purposely change the subject and they don't want me?

    You walk out feeling great, but than you read other posters and start questioning yourself if it was great! Hint....Don't do that, every PMS is different and even the same PMS is different in the interview because it is unique due to each candidate is unique and it is free might not say anything about how they see you as the top candidate they have ever seen in the past three years, while the other may want to be upbeat.

    For now get his medical records in order. Any issue you know of after the age of 13 can become an issue. Not talking flu, but allergies, Ritalin, concussions, inhalers, etc.
    ~ Side note I tell all parents. Contact your GP ask if you supply a CD ROM would they transcribed them onto it. Than this way when he goes to college he can take it with him for the G forbid situation. 2 of my 3 during their college years did have to seek medical attention. They took their CD with them and didn't have to call me when filling out forms....we didn't get a call with 1 child until the next a.m. because she took it with her to the ER at 2 a.m and they could see she had no allergies to any medication....something kids don't realize when they are in college and intense pain...answering the medical questions prior to being seen. Are you allergic to any meds is an important question and a child that has been healthy their entire life might not realize that they can't take NSAIDs or penicillin they just assume that because of their memory the answer is no, but their medical records state something else. Also if it is a recurring issue the docs can see what was the last treatment and when.
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