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    AFROTC/NROTC - Careers out of Electrical Engineering

    You may want to consider the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program. If the Nuclear Navy is for you NUPOC is an excellent and less know path to becoming a Navy officer.
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    Is Lasik allowed?

    Yes, and they will pay for it.
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    How do I get a waiver

    At 20/100 you should be a good candidate for eye surgery to correct you vision to 20/20, but I am not a physician. Make sure you work through you chain of command to get clarification on what your options are to get a waiver and if eye surgery is a possible path to a waiver. Make sure you get...
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    Request for Personal Statement

    Sorry didn't realize that this question was originally posted a while back Here is the standard that they are looking at from DoDI 6130.03, March 30, 2018 5.16. SPINE AND SACROILIAC JOINT CONDITIONS. a. Ankylosing spondylitis or other inflammatory spondylopathies. b. History of any condition...
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    What does this mean. Any help appreciated.

    DS should contact the unit to let them know they are interested in GT, ask some questions and also ask in having a NROTC scholarship helps in the admissions process. Also make sure GT admissions knows that DS was awarded a NROTC scholarship. It can't hurt and "may" help.
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    Nominations and Trying to Understand

    Yes it is possible that your DS could get a nomination from your congressman to USNA, USMMA or both. Nominations do not need to be submitted till the end of January, so there may be a wait.
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    NROTC and out of state schools

    NROTC will pay all of the tuition. In state and out of state does not make a difference. Room and board is your responsibility, but a U Michigan it is the same for both in and out of state.
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    Marine Pilot Slot

    You can contract for a NROTC MO aviation slot your sophomore year. Getting an aviation contract is the easy part. Becoming a Marine is the hard part. After you commission from NROTC as a marine everyone attends The Basic School (TBS). Marines "service selection" (using Navy terminology) is...
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    Service obligation 4 year national schoalrship

    Same for NROTC. No commitment if you drop before you start you sophomore year.
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    NROTC majors not matching up??

    If biology and general life science and biological sciences listed as tier 2 majors on your porta, choose any of them, it is close enough. If the portal does not tell you what tier the major is, then wait. There is a very big difference during the selection process between a tier 2 and tier...
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    DODMERB urinalysis

    He could try and persuade/convince the physician that the test is no longer required. But, it does seem that some continue to do the test and report the results. IMHO, I would not refuse the test. If he does fail for high protein, it is pretty much an automatic remedial and retest. Start...
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    NROTC majors not matching up??

    What are the "Bio" options you have online that would be tier 2?
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    NROTC majors not matching up??

    On the tier 2 list is "Microbiological Sciences and Immunology" Looks close enough to me. From here
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    Marine Corps Fighter Pilot

    Switching from Navy to Marine Option is not a trivial task. At least at my DS unit, you will train with the Marines, you will have to prove that you have what it takes to be a Marine. Then you will have to apply and be selected for the Marine Option and they are very selective.
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    NROTC 3-year

    3 year side load scholarships are competitive. Last year the average GPA for selected students was 3.55. Other factors is if you completed 2 semesters of calculus and the grades in calc 1&2. Physics complete was a factor (it has been reported that physics complete is no longer used). Also...