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    Say a prayer for my son.

    We live here in the springs. Let us know if we can do anything for you. Dave
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    Hotels near USAFA

    There is a Hampton Inn Suites and residence inn off Interquest. Easy access to both North and South gates. The Academy, Drury etc are right outside the south gate and are fine but a little older. There is also a Hilton garden suites and Homewood suites off Briargate again easy access to both gates.
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    Identity theft usafa basic cadet

    you might want to contact the 10SFS Security Force (police) at the Academy. Fill them in on the details so they can determine if your son has the card in his possesion. 719-333-4100 they will get with your sons AOC "Commander" and pull him aside to find out.
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    Medical Insurance

    Your cadet will be covered by TriWest under TriCare Prime in the event anything happens during BCT and their time at the Academy. If the need medical attention the 10Med Group will provide that care while at the Academy. In the event they need services that are not available at the Academy they...
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    Cone of silence?

    Manyof the squadrons restricted 4* for the weekend. I know the daughters were awakend basic style on Saturday morning and trained hard for the first time in awhile. It will get tougher for them over the next 38 days until reccognition.
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    USAFA Orientation

    USAFA Orientation 2014: April 12th-13th: marciemi - (S) Drury Inn. Jezzie - Academy Hotel soccerdude407 - TBD falcongirl - TBD Mikeandcris -Embassy Suites April 19th-20th damevaako - Academy Hotel Kaiser (son of Texasrocks) - Embassy Suites April 26th-27th SALTY007 - (D) Academy...
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    USAFA Orientation

    OK hard to believe how fast time flies. Our daughter will be a C1C next year, and Orientation seems like yesterday I was sitting in a blizzard on I-25 driving from Denver to Csprings to pick her up from the over-night. We live in the springs now, and I thought I would share some info on Lodging...
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    Another word on the PPQ thing. When my daughter entered in 2007 she was not PQ. Her vision was not the best. She was selected for the PRK surgery in the first wave this past summer. Her vision is corrected to 20/15 and if all continues to go well will be PQ by graduation. Dont let the PPQ...
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    Grrr......frustrated with guidance counselor

    It has been three years since we did the dance. Daughters USAFA counselor was very helpfull. I had to make most of the calls to her because of the work hours. The High School Counselor was not very helpfull and had some negative opinions about the Military in general. The most proactive thing a...
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    Grrr......frustrated with guidance counselor

    Dont be afraid to contact the admissions counselors at USAFA. It is very busy this time of year and updates can be slow.
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    Job vs Career

    We moved to Colorado Springs. Got the furniture in now working on the boxes.
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    Job vs Career

    I think in our case it has become a family business as much as an extended family. Our best friends have been made along the way. I will have to revisit this later, gotta get ready for the moving truck to bring our household stuff this morning. PS see you at the Army game Mike.
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    Current USAFA cadets-Hosting candidate visits

    First for the Cadets yes you can host during the year for an Academic Visit. Just check with you Squadron Leadership. The prospective visitor needs to contact the tour office and they can arrange the details. If there is a Cadet you wish to stay with provide them the Cadets name. In the past...
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    food for thought...

    I got what you where trying to get at CC, but then again I am just another knuckle dragging western state troglidyte that needs to be banished to a cave so the world will be a more acceptable place for our enlightened progressive breathren.
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    Is this really bad?

    Then yo can take even harder classes with more books :)