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  • Hello, I am a candidate for the AFA class of 2019 and I have some questions about the congressional nomination process. If you could PM me (I just joined and do not know how to send PM's) that would be great! Thank you!
    She must first be confirmed in the grade of Lt Gen. Then the AF will finalize a retirement date for Lt Gen Gould...and then they will "coincide" that with a change of command. Currently a date has not been announced.
    Do you know if Gen. Johnson is working at USAFA yet? If she is not there yet when will she start? Thanks.
    So I got a TWE from Navy a while ago. Stinks, but It was expected, I never managed to get a nomination to there. Interesting story, if you have the time to hear it.
    My ALO just got back to me... casual keep-in-contact correspondence. Told me I should expect late March / early April. This right?
    Outstanding!!!! King's Point is a superb "second plan!" Actually, it's a great FIRST PLAN! The curriculum, and the experience of USMMA is amazing!! There's a reason that MANY of our corporate leaders in the USA are Kings Pointers!

    I wish I could tell more...but some things ALO's are not allowed to say...

    Oh, and in case you didn't catch it earlier, I got appointed to the USMMA. So I got plan B alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long.
    Thanks for the timely response.

    For some reason my GPA/class rank is igniting a firestorm on my thread... moreso than I could have predicted. Either way, I just want this all to blow over... Cause this wait is killing me.

    Also, I've been watching your posts, and I know you know more than you let on ;)

    Feel free to share, any time.

    Have a good one!
    You'd have to have the cadet speak to someone in the finance office as this information is "specific" to each individual cadet and I wouldn't have access to their information. Sorry.
    Can you tell me what the amount of the total loan is for 2015 cadets? When my son enrolled, they gave us the 2011-12 totals in the non-updated handbook. I want to pay it off and let my cadet have his paycheck. When I called finance, she told me it is all on the LES. The LES is a pain to read. My husband is Army so I am familiar with the LES. But, the USAFA LES doesn't break it down enough. I am still confused. Maybe she couldn't tell me. Should I have my cadet call?

    I wanted to ask permission to post a threat about a helpful website I came across. The website pairs graduates with students interested in attending the United States Air Force Academy. www.academyconnected.com
    I thought that many of the people on this forum would be interested in what it has to offer.

    With spaces...but it shouldn't be an issue. Write the resume in "bullet" format; not long paragraphs. They want to take a quick look and see SLAM facts...STAR format: Situation, Task, Action, Results.

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