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    Personal Essay Question - Story about a lie?

    If the lie is insignificant as you say, and you literally dedicate an entire essay to your path back from the brink, and your redemption, I would think you’re crazy. 😂 That’s my gut take. EVERYONE has told small lies and if you come across as obsessive that is not a good thing. At all.
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    2023 NROTC Review Board

    I hope it’s alright to ask a follow up question to this very helpful thread. My son (the applicant ;) is currently on a mountain in upstate NY out of cell range so that leaves us here all discussing what has also become a Great Family Dinner Debate!! He’ll be back in a couple days and has a...
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    I’m confused. Is June 4 your first time taking the SAT? If so that was a big mistake to be honest and just in case rising juniors are reading this… you should take it early and often… take both the SAT and ACT 1st semester junior year, and as often as you can after that. But to the OP - you...
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    NROTC schools: couple of questions

    That thread was helpful in some ways. The consensus advice was to narrow down to a few schools that fit the student well… and then compare NROTC programs (thus Q#1). Also, it gave some conflicting advice about instruction/experience at cross town affiliates. I understand that programs change...
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    NROTC schools: couple of questions

    My son is a rising senior and will be applying to 4 NROTC schools: Penn State main (with Schreyer Honors College), UVA, and GW and its cross town affiliate Georgetown. 1. How do you find out about the strength of these NROTC programs? He will be doing some second visits to each school to learn...
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    CFA “qualified” after NASS

    I’ve read threads on here that candidates retake their CFAs to max out or get scores up. My son qualified at NASS but he doesn’t know his scores. Should he still do another CFA with his gym teacher this summer just to know where he falls and whether he should try to improve? I guess if he is 1...
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    NASS pick up

    (quick correction - pickup is probably at Alumni Hall same as CVW. I misspoke when I said Dahlgren)
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    NASS pick up

    Pick up is 10:45 .. but another thread about NASS seemed to indicate parents were going to a career briefing before pickup? Other than pull up to gate 6 in time for a 10:45 pickup at Dahlgren, is there something else we should be aware of happening?
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    NASS 3

    They do give them clothes as you know, and I’d be willing to bet another guy or two will loan him shampoo or a pair of socks or whatever. I hope it works out and that this is just an opportunity for your son to meet some good friends, not a miserable experience.
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    Senior year high school course selection Q’s

    At the end of junior year will have had (all honors except where noted as AP): Foreign language: 4 yrs Science (3: Enviro, Bio, Chem English (4): 3 years of literature and also AP Capstone Math (4): alg 1, geometry, alg 2/trig, pre-calc Social studies/sciences (5): 9th grade history, world...
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    Senior year high school course selection Q’s

    Still figuring that out and researching a lot. Getting more and more interested in Nuclear Engineering but not sure yet.
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    Senior year high school course selection Q’s

    These responses are helpful. So far have: AP Chemistry (2 credits) AP Physics Mechanics of Motion (1 credit) History 12 Honors (required; 1 credit) AP Calculus AB (1 credit) That leaves 3 credits. Need either English 12 Honors (1 credit) or AP Literature (2 credits) for the English...
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    Senior year high school course selection Q’s

    Not enough space in the schedule senior year for all the classes that could possibly be helpful for preparation to be a midshipman at USNA. Going beyond the minimum stated requirements on the USNA website with some questions to help make tough choices: AP Physics or AP Chemistry or both? Is...
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    My son attended recently - best advice we got here about packing that he found most useful: 1. Bring homework (or SAT prep) so you don’t annoy your plebe when he has to study. 2. Dress so you don’t stand out. No logos or bright colors. Khakis & collar shirt for arrival and class. 3. Be...