1. JohnMcLane

    NROTC Marine Option MO Board Results 2022-23

    My kid went through the 14-18 NOV 2022 board for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship (Region 6 if that is relevant?). I would love to hear when anyone gets results from this board and how they got them or if you have insight into when results will be released. This first board is the toughest...
  2. A

    NROTC HS Class of 2022 questions

    Hi, I am currently a junior in high school and had a few questions to people who have received nrotc scholarships in the past. 1. When should I first reach out to my recruiter? 2. Is there a benefit to applying earlier, let’s say in the summer, vs in the winter? 3. How do you coordinate...
  3. R

    Girlfriends of Class of 2022 Candidates

    Looking for any girlfriend of Class of 2022 Candidates that would like to make a group chat to get to know each other and build a support group!
  4. M

    I-day Schedule for Plebes

    Hi all, I am going into the class of 2022, and I would just like to know the schedule for plebes on I-day. I am reporting at 0615, and the Oath of Office is at 1800, so I’m just wondering if anyone knows what happens throughout the day post processing? Thank you!
  5. T

    Military Discipline at USNA

    So I attend a Military High School, and while I've been waiting these past few months to hear back from USNA, I've been dissatisfied with the level of discipline at my school. No one has any respect, the officers can't do much to really punish kids, and so the morale of the place has gone way...
  6. R

    Soaring program at usafa

    I've been accepted to the class of 2022, and want to know how to become a sparing instructor at USAFA. Does it start during the first year or how does training for soaring instructor pilot work? It's been a dream of mine to be an instructor, any advice would help.
  7. T

    Navy asked for my AP scores?

    So I have not received an appointment (still Complete Pending Review) and out of the blue the admissions office emails me asking for my AP score sheet. I sent it in, but it's left me baffled. Is this a good sign? All my AP scores are either 3's or 4's (I've taken 3 AP classes so far) and this is...
  8. T

    Losing Hope

    I haven't given up the ship yet, but my dad (USNA '83) has started discussing more about the alternative plans I've set up, and with each passing week my personal morale is beginning to drop. My district is very competitive, and it's clear now that I wasn't my congressman's principal nominee...
  9. J

    Rolling Admission

    How does USAFA admissions or evaluation committee determine who gets appointments first? Does it matter when you get your nomination or when your application is due?
  10. 1842

    Class of 2022 Admission Stats

    Just a profile on the Citadel Class of 2022 admission stats. Class Average GPA: 3.83 SAT : 1146
  11. K

    Why Did You Choose USMMA?

    Like I said in another recent thread, I was 3Q'd to USMMA, all I need to do is sent in my grades and I'll receive an appointment! So I'm USMMA bound, class of 2022. I was wondering why everyone here, yourself, your kids, nieces, cousins, etc, chose KP. I have my own reasons, but sometimes...
  12. K

    USMMA General Advice

    Hey guys, I (kinda) recently received an LOA from USMMA for the Class of 2022! I'm 3Q'd as of today, all I need to do is send in my 7th Semester Grades and I'll receive an appointment (or at least that's what my coach has said). I was wondering if any past or present Midshipmen could give me...
  13. amassusna

    USNA DODMERB - DQ for D155.8 Eye Astigmatism

    I have just received notification that my DODMERB Medical Status is: Remedial Requested due to a Code: R259.10 - It states: "Applicant pending Disqualification for D155.8 - Astigmatism in excess of 3.00 diopters, must complete AMI(s) before waiver processing may be considered" I am asking...
  14. F

    Usma waiver denied

    First things first. I am 2Q’d with a nomination and a letter of encouragement. I am a class of 2022 hopeful. However, after much encouragement that my waiver would go through, it was denied. When I was younger (14 or so) I had a lot of eczema all over my body. Now, i have very little on...
  15. W

    CBT Prep 2022

    Congratulations to everyone who had their acceptance show up on their portal today and accepted it making it official, like myself. Now for the hard part, preparing for beast! Does anyone have any preparation tips to help get ready and calm the new found nervousness? I know there's always the...
  16. T

    Are Verbal heavy ACT scores still good?

    I am a candidate for the USNA Class of 2022. I have taken the ACT numerous times and my highest scores are 28 Math, 35 Verbal (31 composite). I have also done well in my math and science classes, earning A's or high B's. The Academy requested my 7th semester transcripts, and I think they'll find...
  17. LJ-USAF-22

    Will my CFA scores pass?

    Hello everyone, I just took my CFA for the first time and was down to the wire in doing so as I got the flu and was out of my schedule for a week and took time to regain fitness. Unfortunately that flu really killed me and I am now worried about my CFA scores. Here is how I scored: BBall...
  18. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Majors

    If I put General Studies, Comp. Sci, and Meteorology on my AFROTC app, will I still get "priority" since meteorology is on there, or will I be considered a "non-tech" applicant? Also, does anyone know if doing one of the "most needed" majors (i.e. Meteorology, Nuc. Physics, etc.) is a good idea...
  19. M

    Personal Statement Help

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I am looking for some help. I am currently in the process of completing my application for the class of 2022 and I am looking for some help on the personal statement portion. Can someone tell me how important this portion is as well? Below is the...