3 year scholarship

  1. Y

    NROTC 3 Year Scholarship

    MIDN 4/C at a Midwestern College University. Political Science Major, 3.2 GPA and a perfect PRT. (Not calc or physics complete) Are my odds decent for picking up a 3 year? Can anyone send statistics from prior years? I'm open to Advanced Standing, but from my understanding the odds are 50/50...
  2. T

    3 year scholarship and merb waiver

    Son may be awarded a 3 year scholarship next month. In December he was diagnosed with a GI disorder, first UC then Crohns now some kind of Crohn's light. There is a supplement we will try that has been successful that is not a RX prescription which has had success of eliminating disease...
  3. Montana State Army ROTC

    Turn AROTC 3yr AD Scholarship into a 4yr at Montana State

    Hello All I am happy to announce that Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, is providing a great opportunity to turn your National 3year AD into a 4 year scholarship. Where you normally would have to pay your freshman tuition before your 3yr AD scholarship kicks in your sophomore year...
  4. 21Marinemom

    3 year scholarship question

    My DS is currently a freshman at a military junior college hoping to attend Auburn or Texas A&M on a 3 year scholarship. He originally chose the school he is at now for USNA prep but decided it wasn't right for him. In order to apply for the 3 year scholarship-(MO) does he have to be a college...