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    Medical Disenrollement for ADHD and Anxiety

    i am an MSII in my second semester of Army ROTC. I am already contracted and on a 4 year national scholarship. Recently I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety and was prescribed medication for it. (Adderal and some anti anxiety med) I told my chain of command because that’s what I was...
  2. K

    ADHD and ROTC- possible DQ?

    Hello, I have been reading and noticed a lot going back and forth based on if I needed a waiver or if I would even be DQ based on where I read. Hopefully you can give me a more clear answer on whether this is something I should continue to pursue. I was prescribed some sort of ADHD meds(I think...
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    ADD Waiver

    My DS was just notified that he needs an ADD waiver. I've read all the threads on this and I'm hoping to confirm that he 1) needs a letter from the prescribing dr that he no longer is on meds (off for 3 years) and when he stopped taking them and 2) possibly a psych evaluation to establish that...
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    ADD Waiver

    Hello all, I'm currently going through the process of the Army ROTC Scholarship application. I had some questions that you all might be able to answer about an ADD Waiver. I took ADD medication (concerta) from 6th grade to 11th grade. I stopped taking it 5 months ago in April. With no...
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    ADD and NROTC Scholarship with Medical?

    I am currently applying for the NROTC 3 year sideload scholarship, and I'm worried about medically qualifying. I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade, and was on medication from 3rd grade to 9th grade (14). I then went on to score on the ACT 31 twice, without medicine and without accomodation. I...
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    Remedial Code confusion: Help Please

    Hello, I am applying for admission to West Point and have completed everything. I just got my DoDMERB back, and I have a few remedial codes that need to be worked out. I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this. I received the codes because when I was...
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    How to apply for a ADD/ADHD waiver

    Help! My son who is a senior in HS, just got his letter stating he is required to get an administrative AMI. for D231.90. He was diagnosed ADHD in 1st grade, been on same dosage of Adderall for all these years. Goes off meds, weekends and summers - uses it as needed. He is a 4.0 student...