ADD Waiver


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Nov 16, 2017
My DS was just notified that he needs an ADD waiver. I've read all the threads on this and I'm hoping to confirm that he 1) needs a letter from the prescribing dr that he no longer is on meds (off for 3 years) and when he stopped taking them and 2) possibly a psych evaluation to establish that he can manage an academy with the skills he has now vs when he was diagnosed with ADD. Anything else?

He is a college re-applicant who has done very well in college without meds or accommodations.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Did DS need a waiver last year ? What's changed ?

Bottom line, DODMERB will notify what you need to submit.
Did DS need a waiver last year ? What's changed ?

Bottom line, DODMERB will notify what you need to submit.
DODMERB has notified him. He needs all pharmacy/prescription records for acne and ADD since age thirteen. Signed and dated statement about when he quit taking them. High school and college transcripts. He is a college sophomore. He took ADD meds September of his senior year and so he wasn't waiver-able last time he applied. He has a 3.85 taking 19-20 credits a semester. No meds, no accommodations at all in college. Recommendation letter from his NROTC CO for nominations says all of his scores are top of the unit and he is highly recommended. Do you think odds are decent that DODMERB will approve his waiver?
It will be Navy ultimately deciding whether or not to approve his waiver based on the records you send to DoDMERB.

It is important that, as you say, your DS has not only neglected to take Medicine but has not been prescribed it. If he has been supposed to take it according to a psychiatrist but has not been doing so, this will work against you in your pursuit of a waiver. He will likely need an evaluation from a psychiatrist, and I recommend scheduling one because a report from mine is how I was able to get a waiver for ADHD. Yes, I went through the same process as your DS. It can be exhausting, but my psychiatrist informed the Service Academies that I no longer display any symptoms of ADHD, have not taken or been prescribed medicine in years, and have not had classroom or testing accommodations in years.

I can't speak for the chances of a waiver for your DS, as I am not a doctor. Just a fellow candidate who went through a similar experience and knows how hard it can be. Hang in there!
If he took meds as a senior and has been off for three years and is a college sophomore . . . that doesn't make sense mathematically. Or are you saying that the doctor must certify that he's been off for three years and he hasn't been off that long? My recollection (which may be wrong) is that the requirement is two years w/o meds or accommodations -- has it been a full two years since he stopped taking/was not prescribed meds?

Your DS may want to contact the medical liaison in USNA Admissions and ask whether his condition is waiverable -- for example, how long must he have been off meds and does the time start from when he was no longer prescribed or no longer taking? As stated above, it's up to USNA to decide on the waiver and these decisions tend to be very individualized (and, in all honesty, the likelihood of a waiver can also depend on the overall strength of the candidate).

If the timing doesn't work for USNA, OCS may still be an option. Given that he will already have two years of college, this might be a better choice and work better from a medical waiver standpoint.