ADD and NROTC Scholarship with Medical?


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May 26, 2017
I am currently applying for the NROTC 3 year sideload scholarship, and I'm worried about medically qualifying. I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade, and was on medication from 3rd grade to 9th grade (14). I then went on to score on the ACT 31 twice, without medicine and without accomodation. I never had accomodation any time during high school or younger, and my three years in high school I always had a GPA above a 3.o each semester, graduated with a bronze medal from the marine corps league and engineering academy honors.

In college, my first semester was tough and I got a 2.09. Doctors automatically explained low grades with ADD and forced me to go on meds and have accomodations. I only was precribed for 6 months and only had accomodations for the spring semester. I am currently off medication and doing well in my summer classes with no accomodations. If I get A's in my summer classes, do i have a good chance of getting cleared with all of my evidence built up? I know the specific wording on the site, I just need more of people's experiences to get a clearer view of what usually gets cleared.
I don't think your stuff from high school will an issue. I think your issue will be being on meds last semester. You need to talk to your PMS.