1. J

    Book available on CG Academy, Swab Summer, AIM

    I am the parent of a Coast Guard ensign who recently graduated from the Coast Guard Academy. I just wrote a book called "Coast Guard Academy - A User's Guide" to help potential applicants, AIM-sters, swabs, cadets, and their families understand the academy. It's available on Amazon in kindle...
  2. A

    AIM 2019 Week 3 - What to Expect?

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the forum supporters - these threads are very helpful. My son is attending the AIM week 3 starting this Sunday. He is all excited! Would like to know some details on PFE and in general. Thank you, everyone, in advance for reading and responding PFE How...
  3. tlfrancis289

    AIM 2019 Question

    Hello, I am attending AIM Session I this summer (from Colo!) It is reccomended to bring one bag. Would that be a backpack or a duffle or a suitcase? What would you reccommend? -Tom
  4. tlfrancis289


    Hello everyone, attending the CGA has been my dream for quite some time now. I recently received the good news regarding my appointment to AIM. I am attending session 1 and am hopeful for some advice on how to prepare for the PFE and overall how to mentally prepare to be yelled at by the...
  5. P

    AIM Program

    Does anyone know if AIM is strictly only for juniors? I would like to apply in the future but am currently a college student.
  6. G

    Application to USCGA

    Hi, I am currently going through the application process for USCGA. I have everything completed besides two of my teachers who have yet to submit my letter of recommendation. I am applying early decision and would like to submit my application as soon as possible especially since I got invited...
  7. P

    AIM 2017

    Hey! I'll be attending AIM session 1 next week and I was wondering if anyone who's done AIM in the past has any tips for what to expect? Thanks :)
  8. M

    AIM Complete Packing List

    Hi everyone! I have compiled a Google doc of everything (clothes, bedding, toiletries, etc.) that I think is on the AIM (and SLE) packing list this year. If you or your child/friend has attended AIM (or other academy summer programs) in the past and there's anything else they can think of that...
  9. M

    AIM Week 2

    Haven't seen any threads for AIM Week 2... If anyone wants to start a group chat with others going this year, or wants to create a Facebook Group sort of thing, please PM me numbers or your FB and I'll get one started. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  10. P

    AIM Week 1

    Anyone attending AIM week 1 interested in making a facebook or snapchat group or something to get to know each other before we go??
  11. KMB8940

    AIM notification

    I know it only closed a little over a week ago, but does anyone know when they will start letting applicants know if they were successful?
  12. M

    AIM Tomorrow!

    Some of you or your sons/daughters have AIM tomorrow morning, or the next two Sundays. I'm heading off bright and early tomorrow because I'm too close for a plane with about a three hour drive. So good luck to everyone, I'm excited for a fun and challenging week.
  13. M

    Chance of getting into USCGA?

    I was just accepted to their AIM program which has given me the confidence that I'm doing something right, but I figured I'd still ask. I have a 4.0/4.1 cumulative GPA. I've taken biology, environmental science, and chemistry and will be taking honors physics next year. For math I've taken alg...
  14. P

    AIM Payment

    Is it just me or is the link to the site to pay for the AIM session broken? If it is just me, how do I get this situation resolved? Thanks in advance!
  15. M2016

    AIM Weeks