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  1. J


    I had went to USAFAPS last year and I withdrew a month before graduation. USAFA had been my dream since I was 15 and I had applied 3 times before I finally got an appointment to the prep. I even went as far to enlist to make me getting in easier and because I couldn’t wait to be apart of the Air...
  2. J

    Question about applying to USMA

    Can a 2 year Community College student who is in the Air National Guard Pararescue apply to USMA/West Point if he's willing to join the U.S Army? The reason he wants to join USMA is because it's a good school that can build good character physically and mentally developing strong leadership...
  3. W

    Best Airlines for USAFA cadets

    We are looking for the best airline deals and have considered united mileage plus and Frontier discount den for deals as our cadet will fly to an from home on breaks etc. We were wondering what has worked best for current parents. Is it possible for cadets to have military perks or discounts as...
  4. W

    Appointment CO 23' Thread

    Hi! I received an appointment to USAFA this past Wednesday(2/20)! MA 07. Going to accept. USNAPS and USMA appointee as well. Keep it going!
  5. S

    New here! What does DD and DS stand for?

    my daughter just got an appointment to the AF academy Wednesday and I wanted to update the appointment thread but I have no idea what DD or DS stands for. I’m sorry! Will someone please explain? Thank you!
  6. M

    Military Academy Acceptance While in DEP

    I was wondering if someone in the DEP enlisted program can be accepted into a US military academy? I have completed applications to the USNA, USAFA, and West Point for the current application year. I have also received nominations to all of these academies as well. I have high hopes and...
  7. T

    Waiting to Post Nomination?

    Hi All, I was notified by my Congressman that he would be nominating me to the AFA and that I would be hearing from the AFA soon. Two weeks passed and the nomination still had not been put into my portal so I asked his staff when I could expect to see it. They said they had not submitted...
  8. T

    So I’m a freshman in high school that’s intrested in the usafa

    so I’m a freshman in high school and currently I’m interested in attending the usaf Academy. Are there any tips that can help me? Even small advice will help me. (P.s: I’m also a Boy Scout but at the rate my im getting promoted i don’t think I’ll reach Eagle Scout on time before I’m 18)
  9. Air Force7

    Air Force Prepatory School

    Good Afternoon, I was just wondering how you apply to the USAFA prep school? I was going to use this as a backup if I don't get accepted to USAFA. Is it a separate application or does everyone who applies gets considered for a prep school appointment? I plan to apply out of high school. Thanks...
  10. Air Force7

    Recommendations for Air Force Academy

    Hey all, I am 14 years old and I have made the decision to apply for USAFA when I am 17. I am looking for advice on what to do now to strengthen my application. I am a freshman in a STEM high school, I take 10th-grade math, pre-ap biology, CE (Concurrent Enrollment at a college) English...
  11. birdwatcher4125

    CFA re-take for USAFA?

    I read somewhere on this forum that the AFA will only accept one passing CFA score submittal. Once they've got a passing CFA score in the candidate queue they won't allow an improved re-take score to be re-submitted to replace the original passing score. Does anyone know if this is this true...
  12. J

    What can I bring based on my checklist?

    Hello! I have created a checklist of things I would like to bring to USAFA. I would like to know what out of my checklist is allowed and not allowed. Thank you! (Female) - Phone + charger - Laptop + charger - Moleskin - Portable mirror - Hair ties - Feminine products (the monthly) - Regular bra...
  13. R

    Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

    Hi all, I am being recruited by USAFA for cross country and track and field and the Academy is my top choice as of now. I have a 3.84 GPA (my school has an extremely small weighted scale so unweighted is 3.82) and I am an overall good student and a well rounded person in all AP and Honors...
  14. F

    Waiting for remedial results

    I went for a remedial for my astigmatism in mid December, and my medical status has still not been updated. 3 days ago, I received an email from the USAFA waiver authority saying that I needed to take action on my remedial. I replied back that I had already done the remedial over a month ago and...
  15. C

    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    I graduated second in my high school with a 3.96 GPA. I am now studying aerospace engineering with a total of 19 credits at Iowa State University. I am struggling to keep my grades up in Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineering Students. I am currently at a low B in both the classes with A's in...
  16. K

    Failed CFA? Help

    Hi, I took the CFA when I was at the Naval Academy summer seminar, and I passed according to my knowledge. I recently took the CFA again, hoping to improve my pushup and situp scores. My original CFA test that I took at NASS was submitted into my application. My new score was recently added and...
  17. W

    Air Force Academy Cadet make it to America's Got Talent

    Didn't know where to post this thread but thought that these cadets deserve the recognition. Congrats to these cadets. But I thought that Cadets couldnt wear uniforms outside of the training/school. Any thoughts?
  18. Da_Chief

    Medical TurnBack (Going back Next June) and FAFSA

    Greetings all, My DD has had a medical turnback for this year due to injury. The school recommended that she take some classes at college this year during her re-hab, which she has signed up for. The question I have to some of you who might have been through this, I was told last night, that...
  19. XCpanda

    Visiting My Cadet

    Hi! I am planning a trip to USAFA the weekend after parents weekend to visit my brother at the academy! What are the regulations on this? I have no background knowledge on how the visits work. It will be his freshman year (He is in BCT currently). Am I able to spend a couple of hours with him...
  20. US2021

    Parents Weekend

    Hi everybody! I was wondering what parents weekend is like at the Air Force Academy!:) How do the rules apply for cadets being able to interact with their parents/visitors (i.e. Are they allowed to stay together for 24 hours straight? Are they able to leave the campus? etc.) I am planning...