air force academy

  1. J

    Could you get a letter of recommendation from a math teacher that you had for a couple weeks in two separate years?

    For my junior year of highschool, I transferred out of AP Calculus BC because my first test grade was bad. For my senior year of highschool, I was in AP Calculus BC for a short time, but transferred to take a different AP class as my school limits the amount of APs you can take to 6. Would it be...
  2. WingsofBlue19

    What PFT score is most in need of improvement?

    After 2 months with no scheduled PT I took the PFT again, or atleast the JROTC version, which is watered down and consists of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minutes of Situps, and a 1 -mile run. My scores were as follows- Pushups/Min:52 Situps/Min:52 Mile Run: 6:52 A little 52 heavy, isn't it? I...
  3. U

    Potential Asthma DQ

    For the record I am a sophomore in High School looking to apply to USAFA/USNA (first pick USAFA) and NROTC and AFROTC. I am a Varsity cross country runner, and I also played football and ran track last year. Also for the record my application is looking to be quite competitive. Top 1% of my...
  4. V

    USAFA Equivalent to Sea Trials?

    I've been spending a lot of time looking at both the Air Force and Naval Academies over the past few years, and a new question popped up recently. Does the Air Force Academy have something equivalent to USNA's Sea Trials? Some sort of cumulative event at the end of freshman year? Thanks in advance!
  5. I

    Waiting for BFE

    I was recently appointed to the USAFA. I have not yet accepted because I received other appointments as well that I am considering. Will a BFE from USAFA come in the mail before I accept my offer?
  6. blueskies18

    Vice Presidential Nomination

    I am a United States + Canadian citizen, currently a junior in high school living in Toronto, Canada. I need to apply for the vice presidential nomination in a couple months, since I don't think I can apply for the congressional one. Does anyone know anything about how different the process...
  7. blueskies18

    USAFA Application

    I am currently a grade 11 student (a junior), studying in Toronto, Canada, as an American citizen (dual citizenship). I am starting to think seriously about applications for next year, and was wondering if anyone had any advice. In terms of the fitness, I also needed some tips on how I could...
  8. M

    Age requirements

    Hello, so I just found out about the Academy and was wondering how the age requirements worked. I am twenty two with one semester of community college, can you seriously not get in if your not already a freshman by your 22nd birthday? I could totally understand the 26 yr old scenario and being...
  9. C

    How close to the action/excitement are you in AF?

    Hello all! I'm trying to decide between USAFA and USNA, and wanted to ask: how close to the action are you in the AF? Are there many exciting missions, or is it a lot of training and transport missions? I'd really appreciate some responses from both those with experience with heavies and...
  10. C

    Dilemma: USNA or USAFA?

    Hello all! I have been accepted to USAFA for class of '25, and have not yet heard from Navy. However, I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that I might have to make a very difficult decision in the next few weeks if I'm also accepted to USNA. I wanted to get some experienced...
  11. B

    Chances of Acceptance

    Hello, I am currently a Sophomore in High school (Class of 2023) and I have been hooked with the Air Force and the Academy for about a year now. I've always wanted to become a pilot and thought of going commercial for a while, but military aviation and the Air Force have caught me. I have looked...
  12. B

    Nomination Received?

    Hello all, This evening I visited the USAFA application homepage and I was surprised to find that the portal listed my nomination as "received". This was puzzling since all of my congressional boards had told me they would not be notifying until late December regarding their decisions. I did...
  13. J

    AF OTS Jobs?

    Hello! I’m currently a junior in college and I’m studying education, but have always felt connected to the military because it runs deep in my family. I’m thinking about becoming an AF officer when i graduate, but I’m having trouble deciding what job I want to do in the AF. I’m a girl and I...
  14. G

    Advice for Application

    Hello, I am a junior in high school and I am looking forward to applying for summer seminar in the next couple weeks. I wanted to outline my stats and see if anybody her any advice or ways to help it stand out. So here they are: 4.0 unweighted GPA 4.6 weighted GPA 13 Honors Classes so far 2 APs...
  15. US2021

    Candidate activities record

    States “describe all leadership positions you have held”. The other sections state exactly to explain actions. Does this mean that the leadership section still wants us to describe actions?
  16. graceelizabeth51

    When to schedule CFA

    Hello! I'm applying for the class of 2025. My due date for my application is due November 1st, so just under 2 months out. I am extremely competitive academically, but the rest of my application is lacking somewhat. I am training religiously for the CFA, but my scores are not what I would like...
  17. gaynugget

    Status: Noncompetitive Applicant

    I submitted my PCQ early, on 4/15, as soon as I received my ACT scores. I was supposed to take the SAT in early May, but then it was delayed to August, and now late September due to COVID-19 (I have not taken it previously as of yet). My initial USAFA application has been reviewed twice, on 4/17...
  18. F

    USAFA Class of 2025 Candidate essay question

    3. Please provide any additional information or background you believe will be of assistance in evaluating your application. (400 to 500 words, 3000 characters max) ^ I was wondering if I could use this essay to clarify what I have done about a poor grade. I know Algebra is something the...
  19. M

    West Point Chances-How does my CFA look?

    Hey there all! I hope you’re doing well! I’m applying to all three of the service academies, and I’m in the finishing touches of my applications for all of them. I just took my CFA yesterday morning and was wondering how my scores looked? I haven’t received any contact from the academies yet...
  20. MSnyder25

    Appointment without Athletic Participation

    I am planning on applying to the Air Force Academy for the Class of 2025. The one thing that I am concerned about is the Athletic part of the application. I am physically fit and working on my CFA but have not been involved in any sports in high school. I run in my free time and do 5Ks but I...