1. U

    A Complicated ARI for NROTC MIDN

    Hey everyone, I am a MIDN 4/C marine option, (on scholarship) and I had a pretty wild weekend and need some guidance. I had purchased 12 beers Friday night, and on Saturday night after navy won, I gave my friend a beer. he had gone through a breakup previously but as the night went on, he...
  2. curiousas250

    Follow-up Questions on Alcohol

    While filling out my DoDMERB today I checked yes to the question regarding my usage of alcohol and was asked to clarify with several follow-up questions. These follow-up questions are asking me to enter the names of the physicians who treated me for “alcohol” and what my diagnosis of “alcohol”...
  3. A

    alcohol question

    I am confused about how to answer the alcohol question on the application. The questions seem to be more about alcohol abuse as opposed to alcohol use. I am not dependent on alcohol nor have I ever been drunk or had any "misconduct or unacceptable behavior; to the impairment of work...
  4. truenorth

    Honesty is still the best policy, right? Character matters, right?

    It's interesting to me that a number of aspiring candidates seem reticent about being "too honest" when it comes to disclosure about past alcohol consumption and/or drug use. Their obvious, and understandable, concern is that such disclosure will wreck their chances of being offered an...
  5. C


    In the DoDMERB medical history form I put down that I had consumed alcohol in the past. I am underage however I have only consumed alcohol in small amounts and only in the presence of family and in religious settings. I specified this in the form. I just wanted to be honest. Will this adversely...
  6. S

    Underage Alcohol NROTC

    So I was just awarded an NROTC National Scholarship for my college (Marine option). I filled out my medical forms completely honestly--which included writing that I have consumed alcohol underage. I consumed very infrequently and don't anymore. I never lost control or was caught/got in trouble...