Follow-up Questions on Alcohol


Aug 13, 2018
While filling out my DoDMERB today I checked yes to the question regarding my usage of alcohol and was asked to clarify with several follow-up questions.

These follow-up questions are asking me to enter the names of the physicians who treated me for “alcohol” and what my diagnosis of “alcohol” was. I’ve never been charged with anything related to alcohol and have never gone to a medical facility for anything related to alcohol use but when I try to submit with a blank field I’m met with a prompt telling this that I’m required to give a response.

What do I do?


10-Year Member
Oct 21, 2010
Well, depends.... what was your alcohol consumption? Were you drunk every weekend, or did you just have an occasional beer. If the latter then you should just check no. This question is really focused on alcohol abuse, or at least that's my understanding. If you feel you need to check yes, then just explain what you explained here.... you didn't see a doctor or go to a medical facility. The computer can't tell what you put in, it only knows you put in something. I suppose you could just enter 'not applicable' but a fuller explanation would be wiser.