application questions

  1. Q

    Additions to the Candidate Profile

    Hello, I am currently in the process of applying for USMA. I was hoping to add a few items, such as Boys State, to my Candidate Application. This was listed in one of the checks on the PCQ, but I am not able to edit it now. Does anyone know if this is possible? I contacted my Field Force...
  2. D

    2026 State Nominations Thread

    Does anyone have experience applying for a nomination with Sen. Feinstein? There is mixed information. Some places it says to email all information and others it asks for USPS mail. We just want to be sure to get it right.
  3. P

    How can I prepare?

    Hi! My name is Prasun Sapkota and I am sophomore at Panther Creek Highschool in Cary, NC. I have had an interest in the service academies especially the Naval Academy since a young age. As a sophomore, I have a 4.5 GPA out of 5 and 1490 on the SAT. I have also founded my own student-initiated...
  4. M

    Nomination Not Showing up in Portal

    Good morning everyone! So I was contacted earlier this week about receiving a principle nomination from one of my Senators to the United States Military Academy, and yesterday I was contacted by their office that they were submitting the nomination to West Point as we spoke. The staffer thought...
  5. O

    Timeline for USCGA

    Hi I am a High school applicant for the class of 2025 and over the last month or so I have been leaning about the Coast Guard Academy and I have a couple questions. - is there a timeline I should be following for the application process? Any dates that you would recommend I complete different...
  6. CB2515

    Family Gross Income Question (USAFA Form 146)

    I've been filling out the Personal Data Record and I came across the family income question. I live with one parent since both are divorced. Would the income be the custodial's parents income or both parents combined? Thanks!