1. B

    Army Football

    Hello all, I am a senior seeking admission at West Point. Please tell me if this is a laughable question, but is it possible to walk on to the West Point football team? My parents never let me play tackle football, but I still play with my friends a lot. I run track and weigh lift every single...
  2. MSnyder25

    Appointment without Athletic Participation

    I am planning on applying to the Air Force Academy for the Class of 2025. The one thing that I am concerned about is the Athletic part of the application. I am physically fit and working on my CFA but have not been involved in any sports in high school. I run in my free time and do 5Ks but I...
  3. E

    Track/XC Recruitment

    Does anybody know around what times a male distance runner would need to get recruited? Specifically 800, 1500, 5k? Thank you!
  4. G

    Question About Walk-on Athletes

    How common is it for athletes to participate in a Varsity sport here without being recruited? Additionally, do coaches allow for "team managers" and allow for students to participate in practices and, even if they're not first string? Also, are there any cases where a person may not make the...
  5. C

    Struggling with athletics participation

    Hey all, USMA Class of 2024 applicant here. I’ve been looking at the WCS scores and percent composition of the application, and I saw that athletics is worth 10%. I am a physically fit person and expect to do well on the CFA, since I’ve looked at the average and maximum scores. However, my...
  6. Honey_Badger

    AMA - Accepted Soldier Candidate | Admin Kit Complete

    Ask Me Anything. I'm a Soldier Candidate (MN ARNG) for the Class of 2023, and as of today my admin kit is complete (besides the Initial Deposit and Computer/Tablet Preference). I've balanced full-time college and part-time/full-time work (most recently as a National Guard Title 32 Technician). I...
  7. U

    Opinion needed from BGO or parent of midshipman please

    I have been contacted by a parent who has a daughter interested in the academies. This potential candidate is appears qualified on paper (great grades, volunteer, girls state, two sport athlete and letter-winner, etc). This potential candidate has said that she wishes to quit her spring sport as...
  8. X

    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Hey, everyone. Since the Army ROTC scholarship is set to release results from the 2nd board around February 1st, I was thinking about doing an ROTC scholarship megathread for all branches. This way, all of the seniors applying for the ROTC scholarship can relay potentially helpful information...
  9. M

    Rotc scholarship application Athletics

    One of the sports to select is weight training, powerlifting and fitness/wellness what do they mean by this? I’ve been working out consistently for about 4 years now and am in pretty good shape. Do all of these mean just personal athletics outside of a league or school sport??
  10. R

    Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

    Hi all, I am being recruited by USAFA for cross country and track and field and the Academy is my top choice as of now. I have a 3.84 GPA (my school has an extremely small weighted scale so unweighted is 3.82) and I am an overall good student and a well rounded person in all AP and Honors...
  11. D

    Varsity vs. Commitment in Sports

    Hello, This is my first post, but I am certain that I am not a troll. I am a rising Junior (2 days til school starts) and have been on the track team since freshman year. I show commitment by showing up to all meets and practices. I have actively improved my times (I have made USAFA CPFT...
  12. N

    USNA Varsity Swim Team Question

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on these forums is/was on the varsity swim team at the Naval Academy, or if you know someone that is/has been on the team. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how many people walk on the swim team each year, and how many people try out for sports (If I'm...
  13. M

    W.C.S. Athletics Question

    At the 600 points mark for the W.C.S.'s A.A.S. scoring rubric it says "Captain of team (other than baseball/softball, basketball, or football). Varsity letter in baseball/softball, basketball or football. Varsity letter in two or more sports (other than baseball/softball, basketball, or...
  14. W

    USNA vs West Point vs ROTC and athletics?

    Please help any advice needed! Im a D1 athlete at the University of California, Berkeley. But after my freshman year I have decided I want to join the military. But I also have had a very positive experience at Cal. I love the water and to travel so I was instantly drawn to the Navy but am also...
  15. T

    Deciding to quit basketball, but continuing weightlifting

    I was on the JV basketball team for 3 years and the Olympic weightlifting team for my junior year (still a junior). Will it affect my chances of getting in next year if I quit basketball? I know that if I continue next year, I will be on varsity, but there is major problems going on in the team...
  16. Gonavyusna

    Proficiency in ball sports recommended for the Naval Academy?

    I received an appointmet just today to the Naval Academy, with my LoA arriving on just the second of this month. Though I am very physically active (preparing for State Swim Championships coming this weekend, among others) I have no experience in ball sports (basketball, baseball, volleyball...
  17. P

    Chances/advice to increase them

    What are my chances of acceptance into a military academy? Here is a basic run down of me up until my current junior year. 3 time varsity football player - Defensive Player of the year Award, District Player of the year award, many all star selections, will be team captain my senior year, hold...
  18. flygirl17

    How Do I Stack Up?

    I'm a HS junior planning on applying to the USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2022, because I come from a Navy family and the Coast Guard mission appeals to me. I'm wondering how my academic and athletic stats stack up with other people in my situation and/or people that have received appointments...
  19. U

    USCGA-Coach's Recommendation

    Hello, I am just curious, how much weight does a Coach's Recommendation pull for acceptance into the Coast Guard Academy? For example, If I were to be recruited by a Coach for any sport, would that significantly impact my application, or just slightly? Thanks!
  20. A

    USNA's Opinion on Non-Physical Sports

    I looked on their website and saw that in the general advice for 9th-12th graders, it was advised that one should "hone their competitive spirit by participating in athletics". I was wondering if this might extend to non-physical sports as well. These might include (but are not limited to)...