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    Effect of Letters from Coaches

    I was wondering if anyone could speak to the impact that letters from coaches and other faculty have in the waiver process. I was just DQ'd for asthma past the 13th birthday and started the waiver process for Army ROTC. I have been very active in several sports, (especially endurance sports)...
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    Contacting my Field Force Representative

    First, a West Point Cadet held a meeting a Gibbons to talk about West Point life etc. and he said to contact your Field Force Representative as well as your regional admissions team. I want to do this to get my name out there but I'm not sure what the best way is to do this. I am currently in my...
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    AROTC Physical Fitness Assessment Question

    I know PE teacher, NCO, Commissioned Officer, and Coach can administer the APFT. But in terms of coach, does it strictly have to be a high school coach? Or can it be some sort of athletic coach? I do TaeKwonDo (not school coach) and my master is a 6th degree black belt who would like to...