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  1. C

    Letters of Recommendation for Congressmen?

    I’m a junior currently in the process of seeking a congressional nomination to either USMA or USNA. Two of my area’s congressmen require three letters of recommendation each. Could I get only three letters and simply send each to both congressmen, or should I get six separate letters of...
  2. G

    Do I qualify for the National Waiting List?

    I recently heard back from my Congressman and found out that I did not receive a nomination to the USNA, but I did to another academy. This is obviously still good news as I come from a district in NJ, which I believe is pretty competitive. However, I was not too concerned because I received a...
  3. O

    Virtual Informational Seminar - OH-12

    The office of Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) will host a virtual informational night regarding the service academy application process. We are offering the presentation on October 13th from 6-8p.m. Registration is required. Interested participants should email
  4. Z

    Notification of Appointment

    I am 3Q and nominated. I got a voicemail today from my congressman in which he informed me that I received an appointment from West Point! While I am extremely excited, I have a few questions. Firstly, I figured I would hear from the academy itself about an appointment rather than my...
  5. D

    2026 State Nominations Thread

    Does anyone have experience applying for a nomination with Sen. Feinstein? There is mixed information. Some places it says to email all information and others it asks for USPS mail. We just want to be sure to get it right.
  6. R

    USMA LOA and Nomination Chances

    Hello everyone, I was hoping to inquire about what any experts here in these forums could tell me what they think my odds of getting into West Point are if I have already received an LOA and am currently waiting for a nomination. I received my LOA early in in September, however, when applying...
  7. O

    Virtual Informational Seminars - Ohio - Hosted by Senators Brown and Portman

    The offices of Senator Rob Portman and Senator Sherrod Brown will be co-hosting four informational nights regarding the service academy application process. Due to COVID-19, the seminars will be held virtual this year. We are offering four dates, April 20th, April 27th, April 29th, and May 6th...
  8. Meowspike13

    Congressional Nomination Application Inquiry

    Good evening! I'm currently filling out my nomination packet for my representative and have a question concerning extracurricular information. On my nomination packet, I have a section for "Special awards and honors for academic and non-academic activities, with dates. I have awards from...
  9. A

    USMA-Congressional Nomination Interview

    Greetings to the forum community. I was just notified that I have a meeting scheduled concerning my congressional nomination for USMA. I've read many articles and threads on this forum on how to prepare for the interview, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences, or any tips...
  10. B

    nomination strategy

    Hi all. A question regarding congressional nominations: My DD is 1 of 10 nominated by a MOC to USNA. USNA is her top, and she has 2 more nom interviews in the coming weeks. She is unsure if she should say USNA is her top in these next cong interviews because she already got a nom and does...
  11. T

    Congressional Appointments & CFA Deadline

    I only recently found out about USAFA halfway through my first college semester, but I already know this is where I have to go. I have a lot of work to do so I can perform well on the CFA, and I know that congressional appointment deadlines are approaching. My questions are if I should wait...
  12. FØB Zero

    Resume Format

    Hi, I know for etiquette, it is proper to give a 1 page long resume. However, for college/university/SA admissions (or nominations in this case), I feel that they want to know as much as possible about each candidate. If my resume is 2 pages printed, should I cut out certain activities and...
  13. O

    Academy Information night - Loveland, Ohio - March 5, 2020

    The offices of Senator Brown, Senator Portman, Congressman Davidson, and Congressman Wenstrup will be hosting an informational seminar on Thursday, March 5th at the Symmes Township Library in Loveland, Ohio. We will be joined by representatives from the academies and AFROTC. Thursday, March 5...
  14. O

    Academy Information night - Columbus, Ohio

    The offices of Senator Brown, Senator Portman, Congressman Balderson, Congressman Stivers, Congressman Jordan, and Congresswoman Beatty will be hosting an informational seminar on Tuesday March 3rd at St. Charles Prep in Columbus, Ohio. We will be joined by representatives from the academies...
  15. G

    Question about Enlisted Applicants

    I am currently enlisted in the military, and have a question about applying. I have worked hard to submit a quality application. Additionally, I have congressional nominations, and support from my chain of command to attend a service academy. I understand that the military has no obligation to...
  16. F

    Congressional Nomination - End/Beginning of Term

    I am applying for the USAFA class of 2025. When it comes to Congressional Nominations, one of my senator's term is ending at the end of this year (Cory Booker). Will he still be able to write a congressional nomination for me? Additionally, depending on whether or not the current president is...