congressional nominations

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    USMA-Congressional Nomination Interview

    Greetings to the forum community. I was just notified that I have a meeting scheduled concerning my congressional nomination for USMA. I've read many articles and threads on this forum on how to prepare for the interview, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences, or any tips...
  2. E

    Received an LOA - unsure about principal noms

    Hello! First-time poster here. I’m a candidate for USMA and received a nomination from my district congresswoman. Now, as I have not spoken with her yet, I am unsure if I am a principal nominee. Since I have an LOA though, and received the nomination, does that mean I have an almost 100% chance...
  3. H

    When do nominations come out?

    Does anyone know if each congressman releases his/her notifications at the same time? Or will some be notified sooner than others?
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    Naval Academy Admissions Event - Columbus, Ohio 11/24/19

    Interested in attending the Naval Academy? Live in Ohio? Please join us for an opportunity to speak with current midshipmen, admissions staff, and congressional offices about the application process! This event is open to students interested in hearing firsthand accounts from current...
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    When can a Teacher Submit Letters of Rec?

    Hello friends, When is the letter of recommendation spot open for noms? (Can we submit them mid summer?) Can my teacher submit nomination letters at the same time as the academy letters of rec in mid summer? What month best to ask my junior yr teachers to write a rec (since during summer...
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    Nomination Questions

    I had a Congressional nomination interview earlier this month and was told I would be notified the first week of December. I have not received a phone call, email, or letter saying that I have received a nomination, but when I logged into my USNA application portal, it says "These are your...
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    Prior Enlisted Navy Question

    Does anybody know how competitive it is to receive a nomination from the Secretary of the Navy as a prior enlisted sailor? Is it easier than securing a nomination from a Congressional Representative? I don't think I could stand a chance at securing a Congressional nomination required for admissions.
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    NAPS Question

    I understand that if you are not admitted into the U.S. Naval Academy, you are automatically considered for an appointment to NAPS. My question is this: If you would receive admission into USNA, but cannot secure a Congressional Nomination, are you still considered for NAPS? If you are admitted...
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    How should a congressperson be addressed in a letter of recommendation?

    I have several people writing letters of recommendation for me for service academy nomination applications. How should they address those letters to the congressperson? I've seen several ways online... -Dear Senator John Doe, -To whom it may concern, -Dear Board of Nominations, -Dear Honorable...
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    Congressional nominations- letters of recommendation?

    On senator and house representative websites, they give the information for nomination application, but some require letters of recommendation and some don't mention it at all. Do some congressmen/women not require any letters of recommendation for their application process, or should I submit...