1. pay10

    Pending VS Complete Pending Review

    Hi guys, I have seen quite a few threads about Pending and Complete Pending Review. Mine currently says Pending. I am a reapplicant but I cannot remember when my portal said this last year. Is there a big difference between the two? Is it better to have Complete Pending Review rather than...
  2. A

    Still CPR

    Anyone else still CPR? At the time of this post it is 6:15 pm in Annapolis so I'd assume they stopped releasing decisions.
  3. A

    We're in the endgame now

    Does anyone know if USNA will release decisions over the weekend? Assuming they are holding to their date of April 15 and it's past 5 pm in Maryland currently, will it all go out on Monday then? I know the answer to this will just be speculation but hopefully someone has analyzed some trends in...
  4. I

    Any CPR receive TWE?

    This is more of a curiosity to see where the admissions process is at but has anyone that was CPR with a nom received a TWE for 2023?
  5. K

    CPR in need of a Waiver still...

    So I am CPR for the time being and I am still in need of a waiver. What is typically the process for which I can still obtain an appointment? As in, would USNA send me an email stating a conditional offer of appt. dependent on what DoDMERB says (already cleared for other SA)? Or would they still...
  6. fightingfalcon2020

    CPR...with no nomination?!

    Hello everyone, Even though I recently accepted my appointment to USAFA, I am still CPR'd for the Naval Academy....and I don't even have a nomination. I will be going to USAFA no matter what but I am really curious as to why Navy hasn't sent me a TWE yet.