CPR in need of a Waiver still...


Jan 30, 2017
So I am CPR for the time being and I am still in need of a waiver. What is typically the process for which I can still obtain an appointment? As in, would USNA send me an email stating a conditional offer of appt. dependent on what DoDMERB says (already cleared for other SA)? Or would they still have to go through DoDMERB (for a stress fracture that occurred in Jan, 2016. I received a waiver from USMMA for the stress fracture, would that have any bearing on USNA's decision? I had to get a whole new x-ray that proves that I am 100% fully functional) and get a waiver for me before offering an appointment? I know the typical "2 weeks left" (hooray!) response, but I would like to know if I should be paying any attention to DoDMERB at this point (as far as checking for "Exam reviewed" updates).

Thanks and good luck to us CPRs still kickin'.
I'm CPR and needing a waiver as well so I called USNA admissions and they told me that once you are appointed, then they will complete the waiver process. So yes, I believe they would give a conditional offer of appointment first.
You cannot be appointed without being fully qualified, 3Q. If USNA decides to appoint you they would then see you are in need a waiver and have not had a final decision. They would then issue an LOA with a contingency to receive a fully qualified appointed.