1. I

    prospects of getting regular scholarship after declining ECP?

    Hello, I was offered admission to the ECP, or early commissioning program, after the first review board. however, after looking into the military junior colleges they don’t totally tickle my fancy. I really would rather have as regular a college experience as possible, while still doing ROTC...
  2. V

    ECP Scholarships and Chances

    I'm actually interested in the ECP and applying for the scholarship through the 4 year ROTC application. I know my stats are VERY LOW, but do you guys think these are good enough for the 2 year scholarship? I just want some comments. 3.7 gpa 1060 SAT EC: I have been in clubs and volunteer work...
  3. Tenley71

    Awarded ECP Scholarship after 1st AROTC board...Question

    My DD was awarded the Ike Skelton ECP 2 year after the first board. She has researched the program and has decided that it is not for her and will be declining it. The paperwork from CC states to sign, put her intent and upload to her portal under "Letter of Intent and Acknowledgement." When we...
  4. andreb72

    ROTC Cadet Summer Training Oppourtunities

    DS is a Freshman ECP ROTC Cadet at Vallet Forge. I was wondering where I could locate information about summer training opportunities that may be available at the end if this school year. Thanks
  5. R

    Do most people that apply for the Early Commissioning Scholarship by ROTC National Board get it?

    Is it fairly competitive? And is Marion Military Institute easier or harder to get in? I am very interested in those. And how are ECP scholarship recipients selected?
  6. R

    Is this fine? Dropping science class for another class in high school

    I am currently applying for the 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and the 2 year Army Early Commissioning ROTC scholarship. Would it be fine if I drop my science class this year? I have already taken Physics, Chemistry, Biology I am currently enrolled in Anatomy Honors but I don't think I'm...
  7. R

    Can you still do Early Commissioning Program at a MJC even if you don't have a ROTC Scholarship?

    Just wondering, because if I don't get the ECP ROTC scholarship, getting my commission in the Army Reserves/Army National Guard early would be what I want.
  8. R

    How competitive is it to get the Army 2 year Early Commissioning ROTC Scholarship?

    I don't see many forums talking about the ROTC ECP scholarship, so I'm just wondering how competitive it is. Is it as competitive as the 4 year national ROTC scholarship or what?
  9. P


    I am on the verge of starting College. My parents want me to take the Early Commissioning Program since I want to become an Army officer After my two years in a Junior College, will I be able to choose myself the 4-year college I need to complete my degree, or will the Army impose this college...
  10. eljay60

    Ike Skelton/Early Commissioning Program

    So, DS got offered this. I've looked over some of the other threads and can't find the answer to a question. I understand if he accepts it, he is no longer in the running at future boards for the conventional 4 year scholarship - this takes the place of that. My question is, if he refuses...