1. FØB Zero

    Engineering Difficulty

    i’m considering doing engineering (major) at a SA. At USAFA, their engineering majors are the hardest, most time-consuming ones there. Are the engineering majors at USMA exceptionally difficult too (relative to other majors)? which majors in general are the most difficult and is the rigor...
  2. 2

    Does the Air Force have robotics engineers?

    I'm very interested in doing ROTC in college and wanted to know the types fo jobs available afterward. I plan on pursuing electrical engineering as a major and wanted to know if I'd be able to do actual engineering things or if it would just be project management. Specifically, does the air...
  3. D

    How do the Licensed Marine Engineering Majors Work?

    I've seen this topic brought up a few times, but I need some clarification and advice. Probably in stupid question territory, but insight is needed. How do the Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering/Shipyard Management majors compare? I've looked online at the curriculum, and they...
  4. G

    Prior College Questions

    General question here: I have an Associate of Engineering, which includes classes such as Calculus 1-3, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, C++ programming, Engineering Graphics, etc. This degree in my state is mainly just a transfer degree, which allows me to transfer to a university without...
  5. R

    AROTC Summer Camp Options

    As many have heard, the AROTC accessions process if changing... again. I am currently an MS3 (Class of 2021) that is going to Advanced Camp this coming summer, but will be accessing with the MS2 (Class of 2022) because my engineering degree will take an extra semester to complete. My goal is to...
  6. colebgeorge

    Public University Transfer into a Service Academy

    Good evening, I'm brand new around here and I'm looking for some advice. I'm just finishing up my first full year of university at Texas A&M and I'm finding myself to be struggling in the big university atmosphere. I'm stuck in a major that I'm beginning to find that isn't the best fit for me...
  7. R

    AROTC Commissioning Options

    I am going to be a MS3 in AROTC. In a year from now, I will be at summer training deciding which direction I want to go after commissioning. My scholarship offers a lot of options. I can choose Active Duty, Reserves, or National Guard. I understand there are a lot of factors that play into OML...
  8. R

    2nd try after 3 years?

    Hey everyone! Here's a quick background of what has happened since the last time I applied during senior year... I attended a community college during my first semester. I ran D1 jr. college cross country, began studying civil engineering, and began training at an AROTC program 30 minutes away...
  9. R

    AROTC vs. Academies

    I posted about this same dilemma about a year ago, and I have to start with a summary before I get down to the questions. Attending any of the academies was the only thing that I wanted to do the entirety of high school. I had a very competitive application built up, but ended up moving high...
  10. M

    Electrical Engineering in the Air Force

    I've recently received my form 53 on which I specify my desired AFSCs and locations (top 6 of both). I'm an electrical engineering student (3.5 GPA) in my junior year. I don't want be doing research at Wright-Patt, which is what I hear is pretty common. My ideal situation is to be stationed...
  11. M

    Marine Engineering

    Can any marine engineers or former marine engineers tell me about the job? Did you all enjoy your work as a marine engineer, and what were you daily tasks like? Are you happy that you chose to work in this field? Just wanted to hear your experiences, thanks!
  12. M

    Mass Maritime/SSOP

    Hello, I got into Mass Maritime with a hefty scholarship and I am still waiting to hear from Kings Point. I was curious as to what the reputation of Mass Maritime grads is in the maritime industry, specifically as Marine Engineers. I would appreciate if you all could share some info about their...
  13. E

    Army ROTC while studying MechEngineering

    I'm entering my third quarter of freshman year in college, joining Army ROTC as an ms1. Im studying mechanical engineering, and aspire to contract active duty in either infantry or the engineering corps. I can max an APFT, but am wondering how high my GPA needs to be in order for me to score...
  14. A

    Aerospace Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school junior and am going to be applying to USAFA and USNA. I would like to major in aerospace engineering and was wondering which academy has a better aerospace engineering program. Also, I was wondering what types of jobs a cadet majoring in aerospace engineering...
  15. M

    GPA to become a developmental engineer

    Hey, So I'm currently at an engineering university as a junior electrical engineering student in the AFROTC with hopes of being an actual electrical engineer in the Air Force. My GPA is about 3.4, I generally get 100 on the PT tests, and I was top 3rd in field training (not that the last two...
  16. L

    Can an Engineering Degree Wait?

    I am a 4/c navy option midshipman and I am having second guesses about my mechanical engineering major. I am decent at the math, but am not particularly drawn into the upper division topics (statics, materials, thermals, blech). My reasons for choosing the major are more extrinsic and related...
  17. P

    Engineering Curriculum Rigor & Endgame

    My DS received a nomination to USNA and was also accepted to Univ of Michigan Engineering, awaiting NROTC scholarship. We are still awaiting news from other schools. He is very strong academically and loves to create and tinker, working on a myriad of different projects in his spare time. He...
  18. C

    AROTC 3-2 Engineering Program

    The college I plan to attend next fall offers a 3-2 program for engineering. Which basically means that I will do 3 years at my college and will receive a bachelors degree in that field. Then attend another college for 2 years and receive another bachelors degree. I definitely will talk to my...
  19. L

    NROTC Aerospace Engineering Major and Path

    Hi everyone, I'm a high schooler planning on going into NRTOC, and I'm looking for some guidance regarding aerospace engineering in the Navy. I'd like to go into aviation after college, preferably as a pilot, or as an Aerospace engineer. The obvious thing to do would be to get a bachelor's...
  20. D

    USNA engineering

    I'm interested in majoring in MechE at USNA this coming fall. Can anyone (that's in the program now, has gone through it etc) speak to the rigor of the major at USNA and how you balance everything?