1. Q

    NROTC - Quit to Enlist & then come back to Officer

    Good evening everyone. This is a strange question but I'm curious what the community has to say. I'm an incoming 4/C Marine-Option in NROTC with a 35 ACT, 3.9 High School GPA, and both a 300 PFT & CFT. I THINK I love the idea of going straight into the officer corps, and I'm excited for my...
  2. FØB Zero

    Enlisting in Army

    Howdy Y’all, I am interested in applying to USNA and USMA. However, I would also like to enlist in the army this year (split op). My recruiter told me if I decided to go USNA, I would first have to finish AIT. Since USNA BCT starts late June, is there any way I can finish my AIT before then...
  3. A

    Enlisting after AFROTC disenrollment

    I am an AS300 currently waiting on hearing if I will be disenrolled from AFROTC. My commander said he gave me a Recommendation of 3 on my DD785. Long story short, he just doesn’t feel like my leadership skills are where they will need to be to be an officer next year. I asked him if I could...
  4. rotorman

    Warrant Officer to academy

    I have applied to USNA 2 times and have gotten turned down twice. I'm a Civilian helicopter pilot and A&P (airframe and powerplant -- licensed aircraft mechanic). I spoke to an army recruiter about submitting a packet for Warrant Officer to become an Army aviator. I am wondering if anyone knows...
  5. D

    Air force E3 VS E2

    So I'm currently ending my 1st year of college which would make me an e2 if I enlisted. Should I stay in college 1 more year to get auto e3? Or should I just go and start making money?
  6. A


    Hi, I'm going to be a freshman in college next year in ROTC at VT. However, currently I'm in the process of enlisting but there's been a problem. I'm trying to get it authorized so I can ship out earlier to make it to tech in time for New Cadet Week. If it works out, it'd be split option with...
  7. C

    Should I go Enlist AF or try to commission through AFROTC?

    I've wanted to join the Air Force for a long time. And went to see a recruiter when I was 23. But the recruiter turned me away because I had a GED and no college credits. Since I deeply hated school as a kid and was bullied in school, I promised myself that I would never go back. And the Air...
  8. K

    ROTC/Reserve Units (Advice needed)

    I'm a senior in high school this year and I was looking to enlist in Army reserves after I graduate. However, I can't just enlist in a unit because I need to be non-deployable so I can finish college in 4 years then go active. Is the split-option route good? and am I deployable after...
  9. G

    Autism waiver

    I have sent this email to Mullen and the deputy director, but since neither has responded I think they will tomorrow if they only check Mon-Fri at an office. I may take this post down. I am not sure if these forms are also for those who want to enlist, but I am open to joining the academy but...