Autism waiver


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Dec 2, 2018
I have sent this email to Mullen and the deputy director, but since neither has responded I think they will tomorrow if they only check Mon-Fri at an office. I may take this post down.

I am not sure if these forms are also for those who want to enlist, but I am open to joining the academy but I had a friend that went through the army academy and said it was very difficult.

I have been told I have autism by my counselor maybe two years ago. I then was sent to a mental hosbital and I got diagnosed with schizophrenia.
None of the medicine I took helped me. The schizophrenia medicine I once took gave me chest pains and caused me to feel asleep. I never want to go back to a mental hosbital. They kept me there for 40 days because I refused the medicine. I left days after complying with the medicine. I am currently taking invega sustenna. It doesn’t help me so I want to get off of it with the recommendation of a doctor, but one of the problems is my mom wants me to continue taking a shot of the medicine in my arm every month or else she is going to leave me to live on the streets. She doesn’t want me to go into the military because I have tried over a year ago and they sent me to the mental hosbital. I am wondering if I can join one of the branches without my parents permission or letting them know. I am 20 year old.
I was reading from this older post, but I’m hoping your still available.

Thank you for your help
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Is there a way to take a post down?
I'll take mine down. Guess I was just wondering, huh?
I can only take it down if it’s been less than an hour
Why take it down. Surely someone smarter than I can help.
I think I have seen your name on other forms. Thanks for reading. I’m new, but I think I need to wait and see what Mullen says. I’m partly asking if I can get a waiver for schizophrenia since I think it’s possible to get one for autism. I wanted to make a post since I think two days since I sent this email to him.

The recruiter office will be open tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get some help there.
Mr Mullen is responsible for DoDMERB. Enlistment is different and goes through MEPS. Two different standards. Getting a waiver for autism and/or schizophrenia will be extremely difficult is my guess. None of us are authorities on this, so it’s best to do research on enlistment standards and talk with a recruiter.